There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
A quick bio.

Born 1961 to a lovely young Catholic mother of just 18 years.  Dad was a drinker and a brawler.  They divorced when I was 7.  Atended Catholic schools thanks to my hard working mother's devotion.  Went to public schools from the 6th grade on.  Lost my faith completely in high school as the changes of Vatican II and the NO were just too much change in a supposedly eternal institution.   This was the late 1970s.  Bad time.

Became a rock'n'roll artist at 19 and crashed on LSD at 22.  Returned to Mass at 23 but the NO was hollow.  I had a profound religious experience with our Blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ at 23.  Attended the Church of God in Christ (African-American Pentecostal) for 1 year and joined an Assembly of God Church that specialized in outreach to criminals, gangs, drug addicts, prostitutes, etc... (people like me).  Remained there until I married my wife who was also raised Catholic.  Completed a Bachelor of Theology degree from Logos Christian College and Graduate School, 1995.  3.93 GPA.

Joined the Army in 1993 and became a Lutheran.  Was accepted to study for ordination at 2 Lutheran seminaries.  God called me back to the RCC completely against my will (and my wife's).  There was no honeymoon, no romance, no "aha!  I'm home.  Talk about conversion!  It was very, very hard, especially among the NO and in the Army.  That's how I know its real.  Have 6 hours towards a Master of Arts from Catholic Distance University (4.0). 
I served the Communion Service in the Absence of a Priest over 60 times during combat operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Taught RCIA  in Baghdad, 8 confirmandi brought into the Church.  My Catholic Chaplain during that time was ordained a Bishop yesterday:  Ask Bishop Buckon whether I'm Catholic or not. 

Taught RCIA, Confirmation, and Adult Catechism 2002-present.  Served as EME, Lector, music leader, and CCD teacher.   My lovely wife has been a Parish Coordiantor/Rel. Ed. Coordinator for 4 years.  Served as lay minister to the US Disciplinary Barracks (federal military prison) 2006-2008.  My sons are altar servers.

Started studying the Second Vatican Council in 2008, discovered Apb. Lefevbre in 2009.  My most recent passion:  imbibing and applying Pascendi Dominici Gregis.

BTW, I only said you were influenced by Modernism on this one issue.   ;)

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