There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
This may sock some folks but not all priest are straight . How ever  I have known straights  who had run off with  the Parrish this or that. In my own  Parrish .  Last few years  the new pastor  who replace the old pastor  who has  of accused wrong doing 35 or 40 years ago and never been convicted of anything but trying to deal with his personal demons. The new pastor is as gay as a goose. He  float s  in,  telling everyone goes to heaven and Jesus loves everyone no matter . He payed  a  visit  one day and told me his friends who he  travels  with, that he snores. Who care s and I never would ask  anyone , that kind of question about his sleeping bad habits, O course  many in his N.O. parish love him, he so modern, he so wonderful, he just one of the people, just like us.  While our old pastor even thought N.O.  Was old fashion, mean  and evil.  In traditional circles
THERE ARE GAY PRIEST TOO.  If anyone is inclined to  having same sex attraction and  keeps his  vows,  an carries his cross they are in my prayers. THE ROMAN CLERY ARE THEY FAITHFULS CROSS.!

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