There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-24-2011, 11:40 PM)St. Drogo Wrote: Can someone please recapitulate the purpose of this thread? I have read through 20 or so pages and I still have no idea what the author is getting at. For a while I thought he was asserting that the orders of homosexuals who receive the priesthood are automatically invalid. Did he ever renounce that error or clarify his intention? Has he adduced any argument to corroborate his claim that St. Paul was deliberately making a tautology when he referred to the effeminate and liers with mankind?

I never denied the sacramental validity of the orders per se; I showed from Scripture and Tradition where they that present themselves for orders unworthily sin mortally as do the ordinaries who ordain them (Aquinas).  I showed how anyone persisting in mortal sin cannot properly be considered a Christian at all because of their rejection of grace.  I demonstrated that while the orders are efficacious and their sacraments valid, they overthrow any good they may do by the enormity of the scandal they cause among the Faithful.  St. Paul considers them reprobate (Romans 1:28) and therefore completey unfit for any service in Christ's Church.  The point of controversy is over the possibility of the existence of "homosexual persons" as enumerated in the 1992 CCC.  Some of the partisans of tradition on this thread say no; the partisans in support of contemporary nomenclature innovation say yes.  (my categories - not those of the actual participants). 

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