There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
I still don't understand the point of contention. Since the word homosexual is itself a neologism (invented by the Hungarian physician Benkert in the 1860s), it's very difficult to give any precise definition for it. Benkert defines it thus: "In addition to this normal sexual urge in man and woman Nature in her sovereign mood has endowed at birth certain male and female individuals with the homosexual urge, thus placing them in a sexual bondage which renders them physically and psychically incapable even with the best intention--of normal erection. The urge creates in advance a direct horror of the opposite sex, and the victim of this passion finds it impossible to suppress the feeling which individuals of his own sex exercise upon him." My only substantial objection to this definition is Benkert's conviction that homosexuality is a congenital trait--NARTH is an excellent resource for information on the psychogenesis of homosexuality. Is this--taking or leaving the possible hereditary aspects--the definition of homosexual you are working with? If so, are you claiming that sanctifying grace alone will cure a homosexual's psychological imbalance when they become a Christian? If so, you are definitely conflating categories. I see you've already brought in some curious and incomprehensible language about "theological categories" and "anthropological categories." Man, woman, and orthosexual are not theological categories so I do not see why it should be any different in the case of homosexuals. When the CCC refers to "homosexual persons" I think it is strongly implied, albeit in excessively polite terms, that it is referring to a psychological imbalance. It's not all that different from the classic genera of the four temperaments. As a "melancholic person", I have a definite predisposition to despair and there are many activities--not sinful in themselves--that I must avoid if I am to avoid sin. Does having an appropriately regulated melancholic temperament make me any less of a Christian? If not, I do not see how an appropriately regulated (i.e. chaste) homosexual inclination is any more of an impediment to being a Christian.

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