There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-25-2011, 08:46 AM)voxpopulisuxx Wrote: This is more reform of the reform typical of post vat2 confusion. A mixture of clear and traditional and modernist and pliable. A little leavening leavens the whole loaf.  The then Cardinal Ratzinger rightly points out the state of things while missing the cause of the state of things. As you pointed out (to my very great appreciation) the source of the term homosexual has no source in the faith. Created to explain as natural that which the Church always properly defined as a horrible sin. Its like bemoaning the fact that there are so many hornets flying around while you hold the nest in your hand. If the modern cccs compilers want to defeat the sin then stop using terminology that masks its true discription. Alice or Deitrich Von Hildebrande had the same opinion of the term (although for the life of me I cant locate the quote on the web, but Im sure I read it in a Remnant article)
The term homosexual should be expunged and replaced with a clearer term or go back to sodomitic.
Is there a Latin word for this?
I reiterate my question

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