There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-25-2011, 09:44 AM)James02 Wrote:
Quote:  I showed how anyone persisting in mortal sin cannot properly be considered a Christian at all because of their rejection of grace.
  Are they apostate or excommunicated?  Here is your contradiction.  It must be your position that a simple confession will not suffice to bring these people back into the Church.  Is that your position?

You leave out another category.  Which is that despite their being baptized, they never added faith at any time in their formation process to the Sacrament as they became gradually more culpable for it's moral requirements until the age of spiritual adulthood (Confirmation age).  Then, despite recieving the sacrament of confirmation, they did not add to it any virtue of faith from their own part, as it is written, "he that believeth and is baptised shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be condemned."  Mark 16:16

Obviously they are not excommunicated.  The Concilliar Church and the Novus Ordo Bishops excommunicate ONLY those predisposed to the preservation of Tradtion (SSPX).  And one may not technically apostasize from something they never accepted.  Yes, I understand that the presupposition is that faithful parents passed their faith onto their baptized children (and this is a huge presumption today) and that their baptized children proceeded in a state of baptismal innocence until the age of accountability.  However, more often than not, the case is that the children were not properly catechized (more likely scandalized by the New Religion) and therefore never had the Catholic Faith to apostasize from at all. 

Proper utilization of the most holy sacrament of penance and absolution can both regenerate an obstinate sinner and restore a fallen Catholic.  However, this presumes upon an intact orthodox sacramental economy uncorrupted by the scourge of Modernism.  And therein lay the weakness of your (and that of most others who have rebutted me) argument.  You simply undersell the gravity of Modernism and its diabolical impetus and fruits.  I refuse to soft peddle it.  It is as Pope St. Pius X called it, the "synthesis of all heresies" which "destroys all religion." (Pascendi).

If you are content to place that as a category of one among many, do as thou wilt.  As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

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