There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-25-2011, 12:15 PM)James02 Wrote: You put a Vat. II modernist to shame with your ambiguity, and your refusal to answer a SIMPLE question.  Next you will be setting up a hegelian dialectic.

I don't leave out any category, I refused to debate a tautology: "Someone who is not Catholic is not Catholic".  What your write can be taken as the heresy of puritanism, though you were ambiguous enough to provide an escape hatch.  At issue is a Catholic who commits sodomy, or fornicates, or whatever, and then repents and goes to confession.  In that case, are you saying a simple confession would not bring him into good standing with God and restore sanctifying grace?

If you say a simple confession would suffice, then he was a Catholic before the confession, i.e. this proves a Catholic can fornicate or commit sodomy.  It rebuts the puritanist heresy.

If you say it would not suffice, then you are an heretic.  And you oppose the plain language of Pope Pius XII, which I won't quote again. 

You maliciously distort my words.  My remarks are clear:  "Proper utilization of the most holy sacrament of penance and absolution can both regenerate an obstinate sinner and restore a fallen Catholic."

The issue here is the Cross of Christ.  Either Christ died to destroy the works of the devil in the lives of believers in the Gospel, or the cross of Christ is of none effect among those who equivocate on the issue of sodomitic acts, intents, and desires.  Christ either crucifies the fallen nature or he enables it in the economy of grace.  You shamelessly undersell the power of the blood of Jesus (perhaps as you have been taught) but I as one thoroughly converted from a pagan life know the power of God to make all things new reject your limitation of Christ's unfathomable power to redeem sinners and renew minds.

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