There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
I said the sodomite repents, then goes to confession.  So you just wasted a bunch of typing.

So you agree that if a sodomite repents, then goes to confession, making a firm purpose of amendment, he is forgiven and sanctifying grace is restored.

Here is the deal, if this is the case, then before confession, he was still Catholic.  Otherwise, the priest would have had to lift excommunications, interdicts, and other censures, or in some cases, he would have to be referred to the bishop.  This is not the case for fornication or sodomy.

For example, if a woman obtains an abortion, she excommunicates herself.  She ceases to be Catholic.  And confession with a priest will not help, as the excommunication is reserved to the bishop.  However in many cases the bishop delegates this to the priest, and the priest may lift the excommunication by reciting a separate prayer.

The Church is consistent.  Pope Pius XII spelled it out.  Catholics in mortal sin, as long as they do not incur automatic excommunication, or apostatize, are still Catholic.  Though if they die in this state, they go to hell. 

All of  rest of the stuff you write is fine.  Yes we should admonish the sinners and treat scandal very seriously.  I doubt you find any disagreement with that on this forum.

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