There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
Quote: Your definition, I hate to say it, but it's true, is Protestant in nature.

It has the savor of the "saving Faith" argument you hear from the Once Saved Always Saved crowd.  You point out bible believing "Christians" who ran off with the secretary.  Or one who leaves their sect and becomes an atheist.  And they say, "well he had faith, but it wasn't saving faith", trying to invent a non-biblical distinction.  This argument that a baptized Catholic never had the "true" faith appears similar.

What I don't understand, C.J., is why you feel it necessary to make this distinction.  An unrepentant sinner is supposed to be warned/counseled a few times, and then you are to separate yourself from him.  It is not like we are saying those wallowing in mortal sin should be welcome in our churches to receive communion.  Or that we should make excuses for them.  Or that they should be priests.

However, the Church has consistent teaching, that must be maintained.  This all revolves around sanctifying grace.

edit:  By the way, a hardened unrepentant sodomite will most likely apostacize from the Faith.  I believe if you don't make a worthy communion once per year, you are officially an apostate.  In which case you are no longer Catholic.  Others more knowledgeable can fill in the details.

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