There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-25-2011, 11:55 PM)Catholic Johnny Wrote: OK, fellow Fish Eaters, I must retract my OP thesis based on the definition of who is Catholic, which, according to the multitude of posts here includes those in hell (!).

While this is the letter of the law as presented in certain citations, it is absurd prima facie and provides a definition of Catholic that makes addressing the current crisis of exploitation of the priesthood by reprobates nearly impossible.

I do thank you, one and all for your indulgence and instruction.  Apparently one can be nearly anything save a schismatic or a heretic or be formally excommunicated, be absolutely bereft of a shred of Christ's grace in his soul, repudiate his baptism, and still be a Catholic, nay!  a valid canonical Priest, another Christ!

Forgive me for impudently insisting that  a Priest cannot be a Catholic if he is a homosexual.  I see now that that is wrong.  I will not however, submit myself, my wife or children to the pastoral 'care' of a sodomitical priest, nor listen to his teaching, nor obey his heretical instructions, nor frequent sacraments offered at his hands, nor encourage others to do the same.

What truly grieves me after all this is that so little acknowledgment of the crisis has been afforded by the members of this forum.  I had hoped that I would find kindred spirits in the sacred battle against the apostles of Modernism, but instead I find every justification under the sun for sodmitical priests, and the validity of their ministry.

Once again, to all:  thanks for the brotherly instruction.  I stand corrected.


Well now I feel bad. Nearly without exception, I think everyone here truly admires your zeal to denounce the insidious influence of incorrigible sodomites on mother church and her clergy. What many have criticized you for--some more uncharitably than others--is getting carried away with your righteous indignation. As a matter of clarification, however, there are no Christians in Hell. Their membership in the Church terminates at death.

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