There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(02-27-2011, 12:54 AM)voxpopulisuxx Wrote: The sin (sodomy) can cause the mental illness (same sex attraction), or the mental illness( cause by bad or evil upbringing or sexual assault)  can lead one to sin(sodomy)...its a bad thing to be.

I wonder if the Idea of marriage annulment whereby the church declares a marriage sacrament to have never occurred because an impediment can be alluded to in this instance??? The problem is if a man takes holy orders how could the laity know a valid priest from an invalid one unless he openly declares his deviance?

Not sure about annulments as we seem to be proceeding in an anything-goes era.  In 1968 there were less than 400 Catholic marriage annulments in the world.  Every year in the US alone there are 50,000.  Another hmmmm situation....  As far as how could the laity know, my personal belief on this is that the laity should be observing the faith and morals of the priest, particulary in his liturgical life, and draw conclusions from there.  If his doctrine is unsound (as is that of many priests regardless of so-called sexual orientation) then the faithful deserve a recourse to a pastor who's morals and teaching are sound and orthodox.  The elephant in the room that no one wants to deal with is that many of the Bishops are themselves sodomites or pro-sodomite and would never think about removing a priest for this cause (until he gets caught abusing a little boy, that is).  We see this plainly in the open resistance that Bishops are presenting to the Pope's Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.  Welcome to the People's Democratic Republic of Heaven, formerly known as the Kingdom of God. 

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