There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
I decided to drop into the fishtank, and I saw this topic on the forum.  I know I'm awfully late to the discussion, but I just wanted to say its the most absurd thing I've ever seen in my life.

I know priests in my diocese who are probably homosexual (although the ones who are still allowed to celebrate the Sacraments are chaste), and there are a few who have been caught in public and removed from public ministry.  I would say that most of the priests in any given diocese are heterosexual, and simply trying to live a chaste life like any Christian male.  Additionally, the Michael Rose-esque rumors that most of today's seminaries are infested with homosexuals and a secret pro-gay culture are patently false. (Although there was certainly such a culture in the past, but the priests I've talked to said that the majority of the seminarians in those days were not involved, and most of those that were involved subsequently left the priesthood). I live in a seminary, and I couldn't "out" ANY of my brothers with certainty (most likely because most are like my self, and heterosexual males simply trying to grow in virtue and learning how to integrate our ever-present sexuality into our lives before we take promises as deacons).

While its true that the Church doesn't ordain homosexuals, the Church's reasoning is not the reasoning that the OP uses.  The Church doesn't ordain homosexuals with deep-seated tendencies, because they couldn't relate well with men or women and assume proper spiritual fatherhood.  However, the OP seems to think there is something offensive about having disordered sexual tendencies in themselves that precludes one from ordination.  However, I'll tell you now, that all improper sexual tendencies (even heterosexual ones), are somewhat disordered from the way God wants us to be.  And I'll tell you now: Every heterosexual priest struggles with the same desires that heterosexual males do.  You don't magically become asexual on the day of your ordination, and if a priest has repressed his sexuality that much (and lives the life of a stoic), then I fear for that priest's vocation and am sorry for the people in his care.  John XXIII once addressed a large group of priests and cardinals, and  told them that: "We should be gentle with penitents who confess sexual sins, because know more than anybody the struggles with commandments six and nine."

And I suggest that the OP read up on Thomas Aquinas's account of virtue.  His posts seems to indicate that virtue is something that happens spontaneously (as if a true Christian would lose any and all sinful tendencies on the day of his conversion).  That ideal isn't situated in reality, and even Thomas was acutely aware of that.  Grace doesn't wipe out vice, it helps us slowly overcome it.  Your "traditional" teaching is foreign to how Catholics have understood the human person and morality (its certainly foreign to most people's experience of their own sexual struggles).

But of course, I don't know anything about the Thomas Aquinas or Catholicism, given the fact that I'm in a modern seminary, and therefore certainly a modernist...Regardless, I wish all my friends in the fish tank the best.  I ask for your prayers as I continue to discern my vocation.  (And continue to try to live a chaste life!  Just like all of you, whether married, single, or consecrated!  We're all together in that fight, and surely will be for the rest of our lives.) 

I also ask for your prayers as I work on my Masters Thesis.  I'm actually doing it on the Thomistic Renewal, and the problems that beset it after it was instituted.  I have this theory that the reason why so many priests from the 1960s rejected Thomism was because they were getting bad interpretations of Thomas in their manuals.  I think there's something to that.  Wish me luck, and I'll let you know the results of investigation (Ideally, I hope the paper can be published at some point down the road.)  If there are any neo-Thomists familiar with the subject who'd be interested in critiquing my work (and I only want people who could give me legitimate criticism, not ideology), then private message me, and I'll send you a copy of the paper for commentary once I turn out a rough draft.

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