There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(03-03-2011, 10:39 AM)Mithrandylan Wrote:
Quote:I object to their use at all.  I am not DEFINED by my sexuality.   And no one is defined by an abomination.  My question would be - why the need at all to use terms such as these in a Catholic context?

What are you defined by?  Your race?  Your humanity?  Your religion?  As a child of God?  This sounds like some serious Rand-esque proposition- the denial of terms and colloquials simply because they don't make up 100% of the pie.

I mean, I agree we should not be <i>defined</i> by our sexuality.  Or our race.  There are many things we should not be defined by.  But does that mean we are not  X? 

If only for the sake of clarification and communication in discourse we should use these terms.  Most social and political issues revolve around X group not being treated fairly.  How do we then approach that subject if we can't call "X"  X?

I guess I'm not seeing how anyone is really being defined by anything here.  Unless when you say define you mean "referring to as" or "referring to oneself as."  But referring to someone as something isn't defining them.  Do you object to the term sodomite?  Adulterer?  Or to put it more plainly, do you object to the term "sinner?" 

Look at the post that was submitted immediately after mine for your answer. The individual identifies a Priest as being a Homosexual.  Just how ludicrous is that.  And the point you then raise about identifying myself as a sinner - that I completely agree with.  Are we to glory in our sins or are we to glory in our repentance from them?  Which gives honor to GOD and which gives scandal to neighbor.  To me - its a fundamental issue.

As for how you deal with sin and with sinners - are we to not abide by any morality or are we to take a position.  Certainly if being politically correct is more important than being moral - then use the term.  We are taught to hate the sin but to love the sinner.  In my view - no one is identified by their sexuality.  We are all children of GOD.  If in civil society , a segment wishes to be identified by Sin - then they are a scandal to the rest of society.  The mere fact that they choose scandal for their moniker and then whine about the ramifications of choosing that title for themselves is part of the problem.  Why then are we forced to use their terminology?  Is it simply because they insist on it?  It is for that reason , I object to it.  I too can insist that the terminology not be a scandal to my children who likewise share this society.  Why do their rights supercede my right to adhere to the teachings of my religion as guaranteed by the first amendment to the constitution?   

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