There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(03-03-2011, 12:16 PM)Malleus Haereticorum Wrote: Why do their rights supercede my right to adhere to the teachings of my religion as guaranteed by the first amendment to the constitution?     

The constitution and bill of rights, indeed the very idea of human rights, are modern humanist doctrines constructed by free-masons and deists.  It's silly to use them in a theological discussion of Traditional Catholicism.

I agree with Mithrandylan -- just because we use a term to describe some aspect of us doesn't mean that we are defined by that term.  In fact, in a sense, ultimately almost all of our definitions of our self are false, since the true self we are, the self that stands naked in front of God, is greater than the sum of all our parts (see St. John of the Cross).  However, we do live in a world of language and therefore we live in a world of terms and some of those terms apply to us.

It appears to me that you object to the term homosexual because you think that the use of the term justifies homosexuality.  In other words, what I think you believe is that if we call someone a homosexual then we are saying that homosexuality is ok.  Is that an accurate assessment of your stance?  If so, I'd like to point out that we can use terms and we can even identify with those terms without glorifying or excusing them.  The example that Mithrandylan uses to point this out is "sinner."  If calling myself a term justifies and glorifies that term, then I shouldn't call myself a sinner.  In any case, however, we can use the term homosexual to refer to someone that has same-sex attraction without condoning same-sex attraction.  The classic example, of course, are alcoholics in AA who identify themselves as alcoholics NOT to justify their drinking but to strengthen themselves against it and against the denial that goes with it.

In the end, however, I don't feel like the idea of whether or not we should use the term homosexual is all that important.  Lovingly and charitably helping those who have same-sex attraction find the Church and the grace of the Sacraments is much more important.  And that is quite hard to do if we say without qualification a homosexual cannot be a Catholic, because the vast majority of people will interpret that as meaning that those with same-sex attraction cannot be Catholic.  And that is simply not true, because ALL sinners who struggle with ALL types of sin are called to Holy Mother Church for the grace to carry their crosses.


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