There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
It may be helpful to look at tradition here.  In reply #164 I provided several quotes from the Fathers and previous Popes on the subject of clergy who behaved this way while under orders.   The ancients spoke of this as "the sin against nature" which I find consistent with both the Sacred Scriptures and tradition.  That is precisely the way St. Paul describes it in Romans 1 where he condemns the acts, the desires and those that approve the same.  "Same sex attraction" is a 20th century euphemism with zero mooring in tradition.   "Sin against nature" defines it as a double trespass, that is to say, a trespass of the moral law and a trespass of nature itself. 

No such category as "homosexual persons" exists in tradition.  We have "liers with mankind" (1 Cor. 6:9, D-R) which is a reference to Lev. 18:22 which cites this sin as "an abomination." 

Now magnify this trespass exponentially for one who knowingly submits himself for orders, and multiply THAT for his ordinary (Aquinas).  And we wonder how the Church could have been co-opted by its enemies from within!

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