There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
(03-06-2011, 08:09 AM)voxpopulisuxx Wrote: I do not however aggree that some people just naturally have homosodomitic desires without some kind of outside influence or trauma.  It is unproven by both of us because you say that some people with this deviency have had no outside influence and still have this unnatural desire. That just doesnt make sense. Concupisense leaves open to abuse our natural desires but it does'nt introduce us to completely foreign desires to our nature.

I don't necessarily agree.  St. Thomas says this as well:

Quote:Objection 3. Further, lust regards acts directed to human generation, as stated above (Question 153, Article 2): Whereas the unnatural vice concerns acts from which generation cannot follow. Therefore the unnatural vice is not a species of lust.

Reply to Objection 3. The lustful man intends not human generation but venereal pleasures. It is possible to have this without those acts from which human generation follows: and it is that which is sought in the unnatural vice.

In other words, concupisence causes the desire for venereal pleasures whether natural or unnatural.  Some people seek these pleasures in an unnatural way such as sodomy, masturbation, etc.

Quote:Useing St Thomas's pile of wood, were all born with this pile of wood. Homosodomy is adding thermite to the pile.
What it comes down to is God created us and gave us the normal craving for food, gluttony for food is the result of our actions made possible by original sin. But if I hungered for broken glass something unnatural has entered the equation. That what im thinking. What do you think.

I think you have a good solid point there, but I don't know if the conclusion is the necessary one.  For example, biological misfunction can cause people to want to eat glass (or dirt - ever hear of dirt-eaters?).  In this sense, people can be "born this way" in that they have a birth defect.  Some of the other things you point out as an event go to psychological trauma.

All those things, those problems such as biological and psychological, are still rooted in original sin.  The fact that we suffer disease, etc., all go back to original sin.  How falling to the tendencies of original sin is different in different people: lying, fornication, sodomy, bestiality, masturbation, etc. given their particular personalities, disposition to grace, strength of will, etc.  But they all come from original sin.

Again, my position is the cause is irrelevant.  Certain acts are forbidden and always sinful.  It doesn't matter the cause of the desire; we still can't do them.  But it's not inherently a sin to have a tendency towards certain acts.  It's the unfortunate reality of our fallen nature, and some people have tendencies towards graver things such as sodomy.  They have a bigger burden to bear and it's more important that they resist because that sin is graver than lying or what-have-you.

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