fulfilling Sunday obligation in China
(02-18-2011, 12:25 PM)spasiisochrani Wrote: I would suggest staying away from underground Catholics unless you want to get them arrested.  Your Sunday obligation does not obligate you to put other people in danger.


The seminal question in this case is, Is being in a country that openly persecutes the faith acceptable in your circumstances?  Most likely, the answer is yes (e.g., economic practicalities, family requirements, etc.  Still, this is a question we have to ask (I would personally think unacceptable reasons would be attempting to flee a 'more religious [Catholic influence]' culture, rebellion against a lawful government, attempting to favor a persecuting state for the sake of it, etc.)

This is a fair case of not getting tripped up on the letter of the law to the detriment of its spirit.  For a number of us, we might be compelled to visit Arabian nations strictly for business purposes; attempting to sniff out an underground Catholic community in Saudi Arabia simply to go to Mass on a Sunday would not be what God wants of us due to the clear threat such an action would pose to others.

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