The cost of abortion
I watched this.

The sight of the beautiful babies who could have lived outside the womb especially are images that stay with me.  And they wrap those little bodies in meat paper and toss them away. Little bodies whose souls have returned to their Maker.

I was at a planned parenthood this morning.  Many cars pulling in on abortion day.  Big shiny new cars.  And cars from out of state.  Young men yelling at us as they drive past--things like "I love abortion" and a number of things I cannot write out for you.  One bicyclist pulled over to yell at us: " You just can't stand freedom, can you".  Is that man free to kill me? Is that freedom too? Why are mothers free to kill their unborn child?  So life is more convenient for mothers and fathers and responsibility shirked and the consequences (most often) of sin set aside? Is all that freedom?

I encourage all to read unPlanned too.  And see Blood Money, the trailer can be found here:

We approach 60 million abortions in the US.  How long, O Lord?

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