Catholic Therapists
i'm sure the site will be helpful to some!

Wow, that's quite a story... Thank God for your therapist, and for the way you could minister to that lady in her dying moments. It's so true that a Catholic therapist can get to the heart of the matter and address it like a non Catholic never could...
I know, it is pretty heavy-duty... you said exactly what I was trying to... the fact that she was Catholic enabled her to be much more effective. I have sent friends to her to deal with other stuff like relationship problems, etc, and it has given them a huge feeling of hope. So... yeah :)
Very cool!!
(02-22-2011, 10:09 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: hey Ciarrai - DK is another forum member here, I was trying to tease him :) but seriously I would be interested in resources for myself in Montreal. I did look into spiritual direction, but the catholic centre i checked wasnt very, well, catholic after all :) :)

Look at this page:

All pre-Conciliar.
(02-22-2011, 10:54 AM)Revixit Wrote:
(02-21-2011, 11:25 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: LOL. I do remember in my childhood that my grandmother would refer to our sofa as a chesterfield

Chesterfield is the name of a style of furniture, also a double-breasted coat style, probably applied to more than that, due to Lord Chesterfield's influence.

So your sofa might have been a Chesterfield style sofa, or your grandmother might have been joking about people smoking on the sofa.  Not knowing your sofa or your grandmother, I can't say.  ;D  I'm sure you can find a picture of a Chesterfield sofa online.

Actually, I was referring to Chesterfield Cigarettes (a defunct brand); they will go along nicely with the whiskey.

[Image: images46chesterfield.jpg]

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