Watering down Sumorum Pontificum?

... Summorum Pontificum restored to priests and groups of the faithful the freedom to celebrate the older form of the Roman Rite without interference from hostile bishops.

As most of you will be aware, the question isn’t as settled as we thought. The enemies of Summorum Pontificum are reported to have prepared an “instruction” that undermines the Motu Proprio. We don’t know the details, but when a blog as influential as the New Liturgical Movement encourages Catholics to sign a petition to the Holy Father asking him not to allow such changes then I think there’s cause for alarm.

So far, 10,000 Catholics have signed. You may may find it hard to believe that Pope Benedict would take back something that he has solemnly granted. But the opponents of the Extraordinary Form are a determined bunch and – especially in the case of conservative supporters of the “reform of the reform” – extremely powerful in the curia. It wouldn’t be the first time a Pope has had his arm twisted. Here, again, is the link to the petition:  http://www.motuproprioappeal.com/
The instruction was coming enemies or no - it was due after the evaluation of the first three years of Summorum Pontificum. Just to clear that up.

When the rumors about the instruction being restrictive first surfaced, Father Z said he was going to dig for more information. He hasn't said anything about what he found out, but now he is framing many of his posts as showing evidence that we need Summorum Ponticum. Fr. Z used to work for the Ecclesia Dei Commission. He seems pessimistic. Something he posted in a recent entry:
Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Wrote:Such an Instruction has been expected, like Godot, for a long time.  I long ago stopped hoping for it.  I actively stopped hoping for it, as a matter of fact.

But it is coming and many people, in anticipation of its arrival, are chewing their own skulls in anxiety.

I'll say, if Father Z, Rorate Caeli, Messa in Latino, Summorum Pontifucum Observantus, the New Liturgical Movement, etc., are worried, there must be reason to worry. And therefore to pray.
Depressingly, there are 12,000 signatures here:


Compared to 22,000 signatures here:


God save the Church.
If worse comes to worse, there is always the SSPX!! They will not give into Rome and the Vatican II/ Modernist heretical Compromise!!

Don't despair!!!, Have faith!!!!  :pray:
I hadn't heard anything about this.  This is very discouraging if true.
No need to fret.
No matter what occurs, all we need do is to go forward - as we always have.
Ignore any restrictions purported by Rome, and utterly circumvent the bishops.
This has been the continually successful MO of the SSPX for a long time now.
It is the method by which Sum. Pont. came into being in the first place.
Indeed, there is absolutely nothing that we have received except by digging in our heals and saying "No" to the present regime which has held its nefarious hold on the Vatican since Vatican II.

Stay the course, keep the Faith, and to Hell with anyone who won't come along with us as we journey with Our Lord in His ascent to Calvary - and beyond.
Is there anything more sorrowful (and joyful) than being a trad?
Yes, Walty.
Being a Catholic.
Being a Cubs fan is pretty close...
(03-02-2011, 05:34 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: Being a Cubs fan is pretty close...

Yes, the Cubs will win the WS in 2016 or 2017 and then comes the great chastisement!!!  :o

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