What landed in my comments boxes (Was Hitler a Catholic?)
(02-26-2011, 03:10 PM)Christus Imperat Wrote:
(02-26-2011, 08:27 AM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: This is the fallacy known as "guilt by association." It's too puerile to be taken seriously.

Hitler was Austrian, he was baptized and went to Church in his early days like most people at the time. Nevertheless, during adulthood, his political views made him distance himself from the Church and Christianity in general. In no way did he present himself to the public life of the party and Germany as a defender or promotor of Catholicism. There's nothing distinctively "Catholic" or "Christian" about national-socialism, quite the contrary.

If we were to dismiss religions because of "guilt by association," then German Lutheranism would be condemned from the get-go since the majority of the supporters of the Nazi regime were Protestants. Muslims in Palestine also sympathized with Hitler. Some of them, like Ahmadinejad, still do today. The same can be said of atheists, especially regarding Communism which was even more criminal than Nazism. We can pretty much dismiss anyone outright if we accept "guilt by association."

What you have to teach to this person is, first and foremost, how to think. His comments are nonsensical.

I have a book called "Hitler's Table Talk" which includes speeches and minutes of discussions among Hitler and Nazi higherups.  He attacked the Catholic Church vociferously in some of his talks, and the interesting part is that he uses a lot of liberal talking points.  He says things like the Church is only interested in money, and the Priests exist to dupe people out of money, and that the Church has held back civilization and opposed national socialism because of its regressive outlook. 
Of course this is all second-hand knowledge about what Hitler "allegdly" said.

The point here is, evidence. Did he publicly come out and comdemn the papacy or Church dogma on a public forum ever?

Didn't the Church actually sign a Concordadt with the Nazis?

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