What landed in my comments boxes (Was Hitler a Catholic?)
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(02-26-2011, 03:01 PM)Habitual_Ritual Wrote: In a search just now an interesting Q was raised by a blogger:

Why didn't the Catholic church ever excommunicate Hitler?

Can an excommunication be posthumous?
OK, what does it take to be "excommunicated"?

Something tells me Hitler never directly attacked the Church itself. (Or it's dogmas, at least publicly)

The Church recently excommunicated a woman and her Doctor for performing an abortion on the daughter.

By Canon Law abortion is excommunicable.  The Church has laws; She doesn't apply excommunication to "bad people" there needs to be a particular offense.

But what is abortion but the killing of an innocent.We know the Nazis engaged in such killing (including abortion) .Does it then become an individual matter? The Church does excommunicate whole groups however.Perhaps the  question should be, "Why were the Nazi party not formally excommunicated" ? Still an interesting question...

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