Poll: Do you think the Novus Ordo Missae as currently promulgated, when celebrated in Latin and according to the rubrics is:
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Our own version of the Fr. Z poll
OK, anyone here can vote.  You don't have to be an SSPXer or rad-trad or whatever.    You don't even have to be Catholic.

But, I will try to be clearer than Fr. Z on what is meant.

The Typical Edition from Rome.  No bad translations, no liturgical abuse, etc.

We assume the priest to be validly ordained, licit, not hold to any heresy, etc.  Don't make it complicated.

As Fr. Z. did, no comments on this poll, just vote.  I'm just curious how forum members would vote - not individuals; I won't know individual votes - I mean the distribution on the forum as a whole, and I think others are as well.  We won't do anything with the results.

ETA:  If you don't know about the Fr. Z poll, read about it here (after you vote here, of course):  http://catholicforum.fisheaters.com/inde...936.0.html

I'll leave this up through the weekend to catch any stragglers, but I'll close voting by Monday and then unpin this.

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