Best Short Article Concerning Vatican II to Give to a Friend
A friend has asked for some information outlining the various perceived novelties and departures in the Conciliar texts themselves from previous Church teaching.  I know of many books to point him toward, but I assume he's not going to give it that much time initially.  I've been googling and looking around the SSPX website but I haven't found anything too great yet.  Some articles point out various issues but do not compare with quotes from previous Church documents.  Most are a bit too dumbed-down or elementary in the sense that they state things outright without providing textual evidence. 

Anyone have any good suggestions?
I know you said you've been looking around the SSPX website, but did you check out Time Bombs of Second Vatican Council? It's a short, comparative booklet.

You can get it for free, along with a bunch of other literature from the SSPX:

I would echo damooster.  I was actually thinking about this when I was reading your thread.

Timebombs is a small booklet (smaller than your "average" TAN booklet), about 60 pages (aka super small), and is a condensed form of a lecture given by Fr. Schmidberger of the SSPX (If I'm recalling correctly, I don't have mine with me right now).

It's pretty good. 
I've got one of those lying around somewhere.  I'll have to see if I can find it.
#5 website has a section on Vatican II. There are many articles there that can be used:
(03-02-2011, 09:12 AM)damooster Wrote: You can get it for free, along with a bunch of other literature from the SSPX:

Only if you live in the USA. :)
Check out the article, The New Ecclesiology: Documentation, by Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn, over at (click on Articles, then on Benedict XVI Heresies and Errors, and scroll down a little); it's a PDF document.  It's a side-by-side comparison of Vatican II and post-Vatican II documents with pre-conciliar documents, with commentary.

There's also SSPX Asia.

Check out issues 50-57 (January 2003-March 2004).

Another good site, with many links: (the famous "25 Errors of Vatican II" article, probably what you're most looking for)

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