Why the Mediaeval Era ought to be revived....
Found it.

T.S. Eliot
"What is a Classic?"
A great article, destined for my bookmark hoard.

Personally, I'd love to see such a thing take place. Problem is, it never will. There might be a remote possibility that a worldwide cataclysm that essentially resets humanity back to an nomadic/agrarian lifestyle could bring about such a revival, but in that case the revival would probably not happen and human society would take a slightly similar but overall different course entirely.

The values and nobler beliefs people held during the Middle Ages in part, I think, depended on the times themselves. The value system was interwoven with the agrarian lifestyle and the current levels of human knowledge and ability, and if one element were removed, the others would either not exist or be changed. A Medieval revival would bring with it many boons for human society, but human society simply cannot regress to the wholesale revival of those times that would be necessary for an actual Medieval revival to occur.

Like HK said, the values and concepts can be revived, regardless. That is the most salient point anyone can glean from articles like these. "Medievalizing" the modern, as I was fond of saying long ago, might be the ticket.
I'm middle aged now.  And I can tell you it is no great shakes.
Steam-Punk modern Mediaeval Era?  Gothic revival cities and towns in America with Neo-Baroque in some places, definitely a boatload better!

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