Pope Clement I
(03-11-2011, 04:44 PM)randomtradguy Wrote: Then the term "elect" isn't a big deal, then. It's a fancy word for "in the end so many people will be saved." I meant "screwed" in the sense of God sent you to hell, not you. You are correct in saying they're screwed. You wouldn't be if you thought of it in Calvin's way.

Quote: but we shall be innocent of this sin, and, instant in prayer and supplication, shall desire that the Creator of all preserve unbroken the computed number of His elect in the whole world through His beloved Son Jesus Christ

The fact that he prays for the Creator to preserve the number of the elect shows the earliest Church Fathers were aware of the mystery between free-will and predestination even at that early date.
So they stopped using the word elect precisely due to the freak out I had over it. Smart Church Fathers are smart.
This is an interesting topic.

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