Akita Japan and the Quake
The Transalpine Redemptorists wrote about it.

I have heard that the current bishop of the diocese has removed Sr. Agnes from her convent and silenced her. Does anyone know if this is true?
I am uneasy in striving to understand which game Card. Ratzinger was playing when he pushed in Akita's approval by the Church while in the same time he gave us clues about the 3rd Secret's content when he said that Fatima and Akita's messages are "essentially the same". Some years later how could he partake in the farce of the year 2000's 3rd Secret's unveiling and declare without smiling that its fulfillment "belongs to the past"?
And recently during his trip to Fatima he looked to retract from this last opinion since he clearly linked Fatima to the ongoing scandals in the Church.
So far his stance on the issue is not a straight line.
(03-13-2011, 09:13 AM)Freudentaumel Wrote: The Transalpine Redemptorists wrote about it.

I have heard that the current bishop of the diocese has removed Sr. Agnes from her convent and silenced her. Does anyone know if this is true?

Yes I am aware that the current bishop is a modernist who doesn't believe in the apparitions and would like to withdraw the approval that his predecessor bestowed (impossible IMHO).
Sr Agnes is probably undergoing a remake of the fate Sr Lucy underwent when the Bishop Do Amaral silenced her upon a Vatican's order. He even acknowledged that to the late Abbé de Nantes
What it boils down for me is these churchmen no longer believe in miracles. In another prophecy I think Quito it was said the cause of the coming disaster is an over reliance on reason, an over intellectualization of the Faith. The Lord always reveals to the little ones, not the muckety mucks. Jesus spoke to the small in Parables not in Doctoral theses. In my estimation this has been brewing for a long time. What was born in humility to explain the Faith has become the domain of a prideful elite. Can you say Pharisees. The seeds of the Enlightenment were sown hundreds of years before.

Today's Mass at EWTN had a one hour homily. Archbishop Ranjith speaking for Pope Benedict XVI said homilies should be no longer than 5-8 minutes. God respects smallness, contrition, humility, and simpleness. Because we lay people were uneducated we were called superstitious. Give me some of that old time superstition, like Fatima and Akita.
(03-13-2011, 11:16 AM)verenaerin Wrote:The small Catholics, uneducated laypersons, who have accepted the faith without question, without explanation, without reserve, those are the people that the elites fear the most. Because their faith is of supernatural orgins, not "allowed" to be believed because it was proven and reasoned out. Theirs is the faith that brings them to the gallows and firing squads joyfully. Their faith is woven into their heritage, music, and life; to the point where there is no beginning or end to their faith and culture. It is in their blood. This faith is passed to their children with the expectation that they will defend it to the death. Because to deny Christ is to deny what you are. These people, historically, have been the poorest of the world. Every chance to eliminate them from the face of the earth has been attempted, but failed. These are the Irish, the Poles, and all the little groups of people that the Blessed Mother hides in her mantle.

To a degree, I agree with you.  But these are also the same people that let the Faith go to modernistic tendencies.  Now they and alot of their children have left in droves.  They allowed it by not learning their Faith and relying on Priests and Bishops more than God.  They became too complacent.  That's just what I've seen alot of anyway.
It is not the job of the sheep to lead. The ones that remained did exactly what we had been taught, to follow. The conspiracy is at a higher level. Take a close look very bright lay people caused a ruckus, and I mean Davies, Marra, and Hilderbrand but how far has it come ? Not very far. What help would the 95% be without having an education like those men ? What compounded it was the lack of rosaries. The little ones didn't do what Our Lady asked, because churchmen didn't like the messages, so we were left defenseless. It is left to the few trads,and many of them don't like Fatima or Akita, they want Bishop Fellay to filet the Vatican find a new Loius and rule the remaining 1/2-2 million Catholics.

If only we were as strong as the Northumberlanders. Hearken dear near 4:46.

I think the Lord is just getting the North American plate really stressed out so He can unleash a Magnitude 10 on San Francisco. 
The world has chosen the devil over Christ - and so we are seeing a taste of what satan's designs truly are.

I sincerely pray with all my heart that those caught up in the destruction in Japan had every chance at their last moments to seek God's forgiveness and be reconciled.  And may we over here prepare better.  It will not be long before America is chastised for its iniquities.
Back in 1973 even bad bishops and cardinals were never confronted or even reprimanded by the orthodox ones, it is only very recently where we are seeing a bishop going against another bishop , they used to give the phony impression that all was solid amongst them.

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