Those poor Palestinian terrorists
Muslim trash needs to be wiped off the planet. I guess these evil Jews deserved this...Then the poor innocent Palestinians were out in the streets celebrating the deaths of this family saying it's good because the Jews do this to them. These animals need to be wiped off the planet!

Palestinian Terrorists Slaughter Israeli Family
By Jeremy Candelas on 03/12/2011 in Controversies, Middle East, World News

Israel – (CCMFORUM.COM) – The Israeli military is on a hunt for suspected Pakistani militants who slaughtered an Israeli family living in the West Bank settlement of Itamar. The militants broke into the house and stabbed five to death – among them an eleven year old, three year old, and a three month old infant. A two and four year old were able to escape to their neighbors and survived the attack. The twelve year old daughter had returned home from a friend’s house to the gruesome scene and alerted authorities.

Commander of Israel’s Central Command, Avi Mizrachi said “This was a very harsh terror attack, a whole family was wiped out by despicable cowardly murderers who came in the dead of night and killed innocent children, a woman and man as they slept.”

Arrests have been made according to military officials, however, no other information has been released.

Itamar is a frequent center-point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. Itamar, a religious settlement in the the norther West Bank, has had rocky relations with the nearby Palestinian towns and villages. This attack is the first against settlers in months, and the first of its level of atrocity in years.

Due to disputes over the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, territory Palestinians intend to claim as part of their future state, peace talks between the Israeli and Palestine collapsed last year. The attack is sure to complicate any efforts to restart peace efforts in the region.

Danny Danon, a member of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party, stated “Now maybe the international community that condemns us all the time will understand who we are dealing with here, in every peace agreement they want us to sign, they need to understand who is on the other side.”

The attack is a gruesome reminder of a similar one which occurred in June 2002, the height of a Palestinian uprising, in which gunmen burst into a house and opened fire – killing three children and their mother, in addition to a local security official. Two children were seriously injured in the attack, but were able to escape.

Here's the video from's very graphic so be advised.

Israeli's kill Palestinian children as well Peter, this is just retribution for Judah's crimes against humanity that have been going on over there for the past sixty years.

As heinous as these killings are, the Israeli's are just as vicious and you can bet somewhere down the line they will make sure to kill 10 to 100 Muslims for every Jew's death.

Both of these sides resort to unprecedented violence and murder with the only difference is the Jews influence on the Western media machine and it's monopoly on propaganda.

Still the timing and style of this "incident" seems somewhat Mossad-like in falseflag potential.

As inhumane and animal-like the muzzies can be, never put anything past the Israeli's if it benefits them somehow.
(03-14-2011, 09:19 PM)alaric Wrote: As inhumane and animal-like the muzzies can be, never put anything past the Israeli's if it benefits them somehow.


Again, Peter, you seem a good contender for a righteous among the nations award.
One of the the tenants of neoconservatism is the outright devotion, promotion, and obsession with Judaism and Zionism. This exceptionalism is really the paramount plank in our political system, controlled by the two party Zionist machine and the willing abettors in the MSM. Most people are so convinced that what is good for Israel is good for the US, the retributions to this atrocity will be cheered with bloodlust.

Here is one of many. I picked the short one so Peter is able to pay attention.

Anyone who co dones or justifies cutting see childeens throats r chimps and need to be taught  lessons. These Jews were brutally murdered and kids were fuckin murdered! In the end the palistinians can't cry squat when the Jews teach them some lessons. Yeah sure Jews r evil and the worst and to blame for everything and the palistinians r poor wee eternal victims angels just misunderstood
ok sure
well u reap what you sow. And if cutting kids groats serves the palistinian cause then well guess they should keep doing that. After all I'm sure izzy has some men thinking on the most brutal way to demonstrat some hard points to the palistinans right now
let's see the crocodile tears from people who support cutting kids throats
uh uh

I have never seen Izzy intentionally slaughter babies and young children like these Palestinian animals do. If they did it would be all over Aljazeera. If the Palestinians wanted to blow up Izzy soldiers then fine...they probably deserve it. This isn't about being a zionist or supporting the Jews...this is about these animal Palestinians going around and slicing the necks of babies and little kids and their families. Then the rest of the Palestinians out on the street having a party and celebrating these brutal killings. I will be bold and state something can't be Catholic and defend this crap the Palestinians are doing.

You know damn well DK that I am not being an apologetic for these murders. Whoever did it is guilty and will be judged. I called it an atrocity and it is. The whole damn situation over there is an atrocity. I am bringing to light that both sides are capable and commit  egregious, heinous acts of barbarity. I am also pointing out that there are no 'good guys', but our collective conscience in the West seems to be that Israeli murders of innocents(of muzzies and Christians alike,which are far higher) are cheered with savage chest bumps while the killing of jews is in toto a personal attack on the United States.
In the end the father of these kids should do what is right and kill as many palistinians as possible. Shit tht what I would do if my wde ens where murdered.
Godspeed him
No ones defending the Muslim scourage here Peter..........but pointing out your unabashed philosemitism.

Also, no one posted for a second that the "Jews deserved it", except you my friend, even if you were being facetious, you were implying of their innocence and waited for the reactionary replies that were forthcoming.

And Israeli war crimes are well documented, you can google it with the touch of your keyboard and there are countless videos, documents,files,articles,expose's, news clips, etc. All documenting and verifying what is well known about the Jews in Israel and their crimes against humanity.

Oh but of course all of Israel's accusers are all lying and just out to get those poor, persecuted, Israeli's....those carriers of the Light unto the nations.

Someday God will judge those murderers knifing them Jewish children, if they indeed be Muslim and Palestinian (I thought the article said they were Pakistani) but I'm sure he has reserved a truckload of judgement for the denizens of bastard state of impostors as well.
In the unending struggle of Zionist infidels vs. Mohammedan infidels, there is truly no group to support. Unless one such group is that of our beleagured Christian brethren, who receive the shaft from both sides. Let all the infidels wipe each other out to a man, or at least let them bleed each other dry to the point where Christian soldiers can shove aside the surviving infidels from the Holy Land and re-establish a Jerusalem more befitting the return of our Divine King.

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