Dead Mouse in the House
This is a health-related topic, right? Sort of.

Not only are there dead meeses in the house, I've poked around looking for corpses and as far as I can tell, they are in the walls. I tried mitigating the foul miasma by boiling cinammon sticks and spraying essence of rose, but these just made the stench that much more cloying and sickening. Is there anything, ANYTHING I can do to neutralize the odor?
Oh, man! I had a similar experience with a vole that my cat brought in and didn't finish killing.  It sought refuge under my Japanese futon, unbeknownst to me, and died.  I only found it after it had started rotting.  I sprayed my carpet and futon with Fresh Linen scent Lysol, hoping it would kill any germs, and then sprinkled on some of that scented powder stuff that you vacuum up.  Then I went out and bought the first bed I found.  :laughing: if the weather's warm-ish where you are, I would open every window in the house for some relief. Or, you might try putting powdered laundry detergent in little containers around the house, if you don't have small kids or pets.
Pretty much you have to remove the corpses and/or wait for them to dessicate or be eaten by, uh, "other creatures" of the insect variety. As long as the flesh is rotting, you're going to have the smell.

Are you sure it's meeses and not something bigger?  A few dead mice shouldn't stink up the place.  Maybe you have a larger corpse in the crawl space, like a raccoon or something?

Have you been using poison for pest control?  This is a good reason to use traps instead of poison.  Things like to crawl inside other things to die.
They are mice. We have an old house, a house that had been abandoned for five years before we moved in eight months ago, and it came with an infestation that just got bigger and bolder with the ready availability of water, heat, and food packages to chew. (Yes, I've now transferred everything of that nature to either glass containers with tight metal lids or Rubbermaid bins.) It had gotten to the point that there were mice-sightings three or four times a day -- often in different rooms -- and we heard squeaking in the walls, not to mention I had to sweep up the ubiquitous poop everyday, tie up our bath towels in plastic bags to keep the mice from using them as toilets, and gagged on the stench of mouse pee everytime I opened one of the closets. You're dying to come over for dinner now, right?

I put out traps, but never got a hit. The last straw was when I opened the kitchen drawer and saw a mouse sitting on top of the roll of aluminum foil, a mouse that had gotten fat and arrogant from living in my house, drinking my water and eating my acorns for untold generations and felt he could afford to waddle off lackadaisically in my plain view and in broad daylight. So we put a few of those d-Con bait-bit stations in strategic locations throughout the house. I'd been told that these tasty canapes of death cause the critters' innards to congeal so that they don't stink when they die.

Well, I haven't seen a mouse all day and I suspect from the smell that a mass rodenticide has taken place. Either what I was told about d-Con is not true or what I'm smelling is baby mice that never ate the bait, but instead died of neglect (a thought that doesn't make me as sad as it might have last year). Either they are in the walls or they are under one of the major appliances, which are too heavy for me to move unaided. I will attempt that potentially gruesome task when my husband gets home tonight, but I sadly suspect the critters are in the walls and the smell, I guess, is here to stay for a while. Fortunately, it is confined to one room. Unfortunately, that room is the kitchen.
This was a problem when I worked at the convent, the motherhouse for the Sisters of Charity. They were always having problems with dead mice in the walls. . Oh boy the smell was awful! I don't know what they did about it though.

Satori, did you get that cat yet??
(03-15-2011, 05:31 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: This was a problem when I worked at the convent, the motherhouse for the Sisters of Charity. They were always having problems with dead mice in the walls. . Oh boy the smell was awful! I don't know what they did about it though.

Satori, did you get that cat yet??

No, I didn't! What I really need is a barn owl.
Yeah! Owls are cool!!

One more thing, if it's any consolation, the smell at the convent didn't last very long....

until the next dead mouse came along..
A cat will do a lot, and mice will flee it when they know it is there even if the cat doesn't kill them.  But stop the poison before you get the cat.

D-con, even the kind that hardens, will still smell. Corpses stink.  Really, a cat is the best thing.  The next best thing is lots of traps.  The old school snap traps like Victors are the best.    Use peanut butter so they can't run off with the bait, and place them properly.  Next best are the zapper traps that electrocute.  The only problem with them is they are expensive.

If you have a lot of mice, you'll need a lot of traps.  Personally, I would do 3-5 traps in every room the mice are active. 2 traps in a big house aren't going to cut it.

If you can stomach it, glueboards work well.  But then you have to choose between killing the mouse yourself or letting it dehydrate to death.

Poison almost always ends up in disaster.  I would avoid it if humanly possible.

If you can get to the area to clean it, go to a pet store and get Nature's Miracle.  Pricey, but it works.

I'd still eat dinner at your house.  The smell of death doesn't ruin my appetite.  I once dated a girl who wore patchouli.  Same thing. 

What time? :eats:
I just want to confirm what Quis said. I've always had cats.. Never a mouse problem. Right now I have indoor cats. . three of them. The lady downstairs has four outdoor cats. Every now and then we see a dead mouse in the driveway. But I've lived in my apartment with my cats for ten years and we have not had one mouse-sighting. At my old house the cats caught a few mice when we first moved in, I didn't have to do a thing! After that... no more mice.

They must smell or sense a cat nearby and it keeps them away.

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