The Case for Butter
Hi Sophia!!
There is raw milk available in Enumclaw from a farm, which would be pretty far for  you as it is for me.  You have to pick some up weekly, like a subscription.
There might be other places, and I sure would like to get some as well.
Also, Puget Consumers Coop has cultured butter available, but it is expensive.
Maybe Whole Foods market as well, but they support Planned Parenthood.
Sophia Wrote:How very interesting.  Especially the part about the excess energy consumption.  I've often wondered why buttermilk comes cultured, and why butter is labeled "sweet cream."  This just makes me wish even more that I had access to raw milk.  [Image: sad.gif] 

Here are some locations for raw goat and cow milk in WA, Sophia. Hope this helps! :)
All the dairies listed below are licensed by the state of Washington and certified to produce and sell raw milk for human consumption. New dairies and retail outlets are being added all the time, so check with your local chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation for the latest additions. A taskforce is currently working on new Washington legislation that would, if adopted, make it more feasible and much less expensive for micro dairies to meet licensing requirements, thus greatly increasing the supply of certified raw milk to meet the growing consumer demand.
  • Bellevue: Whole Foods Market, 888 116th Ave. NE., Phone: (425) 462-1400, Hours: 8am to 10pm daily. They sell raw cow and goat milk delivered on Wednesdays from Grace Harbor Farms in Custer, WA.
  • Camas: (11 miles east of Vancouver, near the Oregon border) Conway Family Farms, home to Peaceful Pastures Nubians. Shaun, Lorrie, Ashley & Amber Conway, 32116 NE Dial Road, Camas, WA 98607, Phone: (360) 834-0315, Email: <SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
Absolutely, Orange.  Margarine is completely worthless.
Quote: originally posted by Varus

Amen to what you wrote, Orangemetal! Very true! We still make butter that way here in Norway.

And it is excellent! I brought some back to the States with me on my last trip.
Any Kerrygold fans out here?
(02-01-2012, 10:49 PM)AnneTce Wrote: Any Kerrygold fans out here?

Anne, I think you get the F.E "dig-up the dead" award for resurrecting the oldest post ever  :LOL:

My folks are from Ireland and I can tell you, having tasted good Irish butter, that Kerrygold is overrated as well as insanely overpriced.
What available butter is better that Kerrygold?
Raw milk is practically illegal in my state. You have to go to a special farm and pay an upfront price, as well as buying the actual thing like milk, butter, etc.

Raw milk supposedly makes people sick. But I don't buy that. As long as the farmer has good hygienic practices, it should be fine.

Raw milk is way better than this pasteurized and homogenized crap we have. I buy Kalona Super Natural, which is the best milk you can get that is legal. Here's their website:

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