Fun, New Shapes for Lenten Pretzels!
Lately, my fiance has been making soft pretzels using the recipe that he found here at Fish Eaters. I asked him why pretzels are a Lenten food, and he explained what he read on the website: Wrote:The fasting of this time once even precluded the eating of eggs and fats, so the chewy pretzel became the bread and symbol of the times. They'd always been a Christian food, ever since Roman times, their very shape being the creation of monks. The three holes represent the Holy Trinity, and the twists of the dough represent the arms of someone praying. In fact, the word "pretzel" is a German word deriving ultimately from the Latin "bracellae," meaning "little arms" (the Vatican has the oldest known representation of a pretzel, found on a 5th c. manuscript).

So the shape of pretzels comes from a traditional posture for prayer. My fiance thought it'd be funny to create a new pretzel shape: the Novus Ordo laity prayer position pretzel.

[Image: orans_pretzel.jpg]

You know, kind of like the way people at the N.O. say the Our Father:

[Image: 20090326-05.jpg]

Well, he didn't actually bake this shape of pretzel. He said he couldn't properly enjoy his beer with pretzels shaped like this.  :laughing:

By the way, the pretzels from Quis & Vox's recipe are awesome, so if you haven't made them yet, I encourage you to do so!!

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