Where might I get a "scapular medal"?
My mom is unable to wear the traditional wool Brown Scapular due the level of skin irritation wool causes her. So, she is wanting to wear the scapular "medal" as allowed by Pope St. Pius X. For those who are unfamiliar with this particular medal and the guidelines Pope St. Pius X established for its use, I'd suggest you read the excellent FE article on scapulars:


Might anyone know of a reputable outlet for quality scapular medals that conform to St. Pius X's specifications?

Thanks, folks!  :)
Look here http://www.etsy.com/search/vintage?q=scapular+Medal&spelling_accepted=Scalpular+Medal

I'm sure you can find more if you just type in other search words.
Also, don't forget to check local Catholic bookshops; it's where I've purchased mine over the years.
I would think that any Catholic shop would have them. I know I've never been in one that didn't, ranging in price from 25 or 50 cents for base metal up to $100+ for sterling or gold.
Yeah Catholic bookstores fo' sho'. And if they don't have in stock surely they can order.
Thank you all for the suggestions!  :)

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