German trial for Holocaust-denying bishop set fro July........
(03-23-2011, 01:20 PM)anamchara Wrote:
(03-23-2011, 12:29 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote:
(03-23-2011, 12:16 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: You can construct several academic fields designed to discredit and destroy belief in the central, most sacred dogma of the Christian religion, the divinity of Christ, but if you want to question a historical event and the details surrounding it, even when those details were far from clear [witness the way encyclopedias jacked the numbers of supposed dead to six million as the years progressed], and you get to go to jail in National Socialist Germany today.

He won't be going to jail, Mr. Hyperbole.

What makes you so sure, Mr. Holocaust-Revisionism-Persecution Denier? Didn't Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel go to jail for precisely that?

And it's true.  The German government, while it has its moments, has been known to be vindictive and unjust over the years and it's always possible that they'll arbitrarily decide to throw him in da coolahhhhh just because they want to.

Rememver, they pursued one: 'Nazi guard' Demjanjuk faces six years in jail: German prosecutors Tuesday said John Demjanjuk should serve a si...

Hey, we thought you were guilty the first time, so we'll pursue you across the world and make your dying years hell whether you committed the crime or not.  Not even the Israeli government was stupid enough to try to throw the book at this man.

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