German trial for Holocaust-denying bishop set fro July........
What does that have to do with this trial and the painfully obvious fact that it's the Jewish persecution of this Catholic bishop going on right now?

Why are so many Catholics quick to blame everyone else, especially "nazis" when it comes to just who is actually attacking them front, rear, and center just about the majority of the time? Especially when it is up close and right in front of their face.

Is it because of the fear of the Jews?

Catholics are ready to carpet bomb and tomahawk  insignificant populaces in the fringe areas of the globe over a few barrels of oil but when one of their own bishops is ready to be hunted down and dragged into a court like a common criminal all because they didn't like what he said, they clam up quicker than you can say the words holocaust-denier.

I don't respect or acknowledge this new "catholic" chivalry whatsoever and I would love to see them drag a Muslim cleric to Germany and charge him with a thought crime when many actually do verbally mock the holacaust and talk about killing Jews today.

But the Jews and their German lackeys know better than to try something like that on the Mohammedans.

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