Man Sentenced to Ten Years of Prison for an Abortion
(03-23-2011, 01:39 PM)Revixit Wrote: You said:

"Editor: someone's going to suggest that the Doctor wasn't actually sentenced for murdering his child but for endangering the life of his illicit sex partner, presumably to keep the information from his wife and colleagues. So be it."

What is the point of that statement?  It makes no sense because the doctor actually was "sentenced for endangering the life of his illicit sex partner" according to your next paragraph in your OP, though the court didn't call it "endangering the life of his illicit sex partner" but "attempted murder."  He was not sentenced for abortion.

Saying " I just anticipated that some dork, geek, doofus, half-wit or other would want to waste time talking about THAT rather than the story itself, and I also wanted to make sure that possibly mentally challenged readers wouldn't get lost on the way" shows you have a pretty low opinion of the intelligence of posters here at Fisheaters but clarifies nothing. 

What do you mean by "the story itself"?  The story itself is that the doctor nearly killed his mistress in trying to get rid of their unborn baby, did kill the baby, and is going to prison for attempted murder of the woman, not for killing the child.  What story do you want to talk about instead?

I don't care.  That's what it says in German, and that's what the commentator wrote.  I just wanted to point out something that I knew would probably be a stumbling block for some people on here, because I have a sense for some people's literalism when it comes to these headlines.

The title is true, it's just that the courts didn't throw him in prison for the crime of abortion, he was trying to kill the child, but managed to almost murder the mother too, and he may have been attempting to do that as well.

That's all there is.

And that's also quite apart from the fact that the title is actually a true statement.

I think this is part of the reason why you have such a hard time accepting that Bishops like Williamson are part of the solution and why you seem, correct me if I'm wrong, to be such a neo-Con.

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