Man Sentenced to Ten Years of Prison for an Abortion
Show some charity, guys!

First of all, this story is copied from a blog called "The Eponymous Flower" and, unless Augustine Baker goes by TANCRED and posted that story, it's not his fault that the subject is wrong. 

Now, if that is his blog and he did post that story, I think what he means is that the imprisonment should be for abortion and not only attempted murder (agreeing with person who said that already). I can't read the original German at all, so don't know if this is the exact translation.

It's true that he wouldn't be going to jail had he not tried to commit an abortion, but the reason is really that it had a secondary effect-- that of almost killing the mother-- that actually put him in jail.

I'm pretty sure that people who read this forum are more intelligent than average, not dorks, geeks, doofuses, or half-wits. Asking for clarification about something does not make someone one of these.

Lastly, none of us are perfect. This forum is only open to humans (right?). There are no saints or angels, and everyone is bound to make mistakes sometimes.


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