Need a little help on Pro-life brochure
I've put together a non-religious pro-life brochure to hand to girls as they enter an abortion clinic.  It's worked on a couple of people, but I think it would be more effective if it had good references, and is perhaps put together a little better.  I think that all the very aggressively Catholic prayer warriors are kind of intimidating to the secular types going into the clinic and I wanted to take a more gentle approach to accomplish the main, first goal... get them the hell out of that clinic!

Most of the work is done, it's a simple Word format tri-fold brochure.  Just need someone to add website references and look over my work.  I'm going to pick the first poster who has the skills to do this, the eagerness to help, the time to complete it by the end of the day this Friday, and who I feel familiar enough with to trust with my personal phone number and such.  Sorry to have to be so picky, but I'm a little skittish about my pro-life work, still working on that.  I've already put in a good 8 hours on the project and just need someone with skills for the finishing touches, shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.

Any volunteers?
Fluffy, if you send it to me tonight, I can look it over. I've been actively involved in pro-life work for about five years now and most of the work was on my very secular college campus. Let me know either here or on FB if you think I'm up for the job. :)
Yay!  Thank you Penelope.  If you think you can do it, you probably can.  I'll forward you the brochure to see if you want to take it on.

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