Intellicig e-cig vs other e-cigs on the market, such as the joye510?
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I smoked for 7 years and i wanted to quit so i bought a e-cigarette to perhaps help me quit without further endangering my health (at least as much as actual cigarettes do) until i quit. I ordered the joye 510 from today and i was wondering if the intellicig would be "healthier" since there isn't any PG in it the 'juice'. Even though there is no REAL evidence that PG is harmful to you, i feel like it would be better safe than sorry..? and also, how is the intellicig compared to the other ecigs?

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I've been using a joye 510 for a couple months now and love it. Once the pre-filled cartridges run out of juice, I re-filled them with e-juice I bought online. Many of the companies let you choose the percentage of pg/vg, and often you can choose 100% vg. A few people are allergic to pg, or just prefer vg, and there are plenty of e-juice makers that cater to those people. I have no fear of pg, supposedly it's in inhalers and is what makes the "fog" from fog machines. The only thing people worry about is whether the flavoring has diacetyl in it - that is dangerous.

I don't know about intellicig so I can't help you there. But definitely buy e-juice to refill with, and then choose 100% vg if you want.

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