To fellow ex-Mormons
  Were you naturally attracted to Tradition in part because of your past in the Mormon faith community? My experience was that I was gravitated towards Tradition because the Mormon faith had drilled in the the concept of reverence, and that there was a proper order to doing things, and deviating from it was strongly discouraged.
Well this is not the same thing, but I grew up in Hinduism and we had a sacred language (Sanskrit), prescribed chants, very very ancient hymns that people still sing instead of the whole community singing crap from the 1960s, incense, sacred art, praying with different postures, all sorts of stuff like that.

Now nearly all of it misdirected towards false forms of worship, but nevertheless the above things were familiar to me and so as a traditional Catholic I know feel that God uses these wonderful aspects of our human nature to orient our worship to the True Worship of the One True God in the Church He founded for our salvation  :).
Funny, all my Mormon family members have either become Jack Mormons or have become atheists. 
whats a jack mormon?

fascinating about the hindu perspective
A limey Mormon I suppose
(03-25-2011, 08:38 PM)Scythian Wrote: whats a jack mormon?

The Mormon equivalent of a 'lapsed Catholic'.
Oddly enough, I never heard that term, but then the Mormon culture where I am is probably a little different.
I only ever heard them called "inactive members."
I know mormons and non-mormons here in Phoenix (Mesa, where there is a really big Mormon population) use the term "jack mormon" to describe inactive mormons.  Lots of them say it about themselves..."I'm a jack mormon".  Ok.
Around here, a Jack Mormon can also describe one who drinks coffee ( or alcohol!!) or smokes, yet still goes to church.
I think it is in the same vein as Jack Ass (animal) - not a fullblooded Ass, but it sure looks like one. 

"Cafeteria Mormon" just doesn't have the alliteration to roll off the tongue like "Cafeteria Catholic" 


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