Hermeneutic of Continuity
(03-26-2011, 03:54 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: As DK said, someone pinch me.  I've awoken to the Matrix.

Should've taken the blue pill, man.

Out of curiosity, what are those old ladies in the middle of the video saying?

The priest at the beginning looked like he a lot more gravitas, in my opinion, because of all that hair. I shouldn't have watched the rest of the video. In reality, it seems he doesn't have a clue.
And Our Lady cries.  :(
As horrible as the goings-on at that Mass were, the cathedral was absolutely beautiful.
(03-25-2011, 10:38 PM)bkovacs Wrote: Hermeneutic of Continuity

How is that possible with this Roman Catholic Cathedral Mass.

To be fair, when someone uses the phrase "hermeneutic of continuity," this is the very thing they mean to exclude. Applying the hermeneutic of continuity to the NO would lead to offering it with traditional solemnity and reverence. This is the kind of thing that falls under the "hermeneutic of rupture" for those who use that terminology and seek to apply it to the NO.

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