Does Israel have the "right" to exist?
Nations and states are different. Someone claiming t be an anarchist like u should know that.
traditionally the church has accepted tp the victor goes the spoils when ir comes to war and conquest. No difference here. Isreal up to now has repeatedly won in combat against it's enemies. Until it's enemies defeat her she will exist and bw recognized as having that "right" foe lack of a better word
(03-26-2011, 08:47 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Actually your rhe hypocrate for getting fat of a masonic Zionist nation while bitching when others do the same
I am not a hypocrite. Show me the hypocrisy.

I told you to forget I happen to live in the USA...

The principles which underly how I feel about Isarel are applicable all over, so there is no reason to assume that I am giving Israel a special evaluation.

Also, if I am a hypocrite, it still would not change what I wrote. I write things on this forum in support of the Church, yet I have violated various aspects of the Church. I am human. That does not change what I believe however.

So, if it is easier for you, pretend I am a hypocrite. Now, address the words, not me.

Quote:that's  hypocracy. U claim to be  an anarchist yet u rosarium bow down to your Zionist goverment. U bow to a masjonic  goverment as your goverment is Masonic. U claim  tp be catholoc yet hw many babies r butchered in your nation?  whos zionis goverment u bow down to. See if cuts both ways fool. If u claim I bow to a queen for simply being in a nation that has one then  U bow down to Zionist goverment simply being in a Zionist and Masonic nation. Eheh I missed this discussion wih u hypocrate.

You are being intellectually dishonest. How do the actions of others become my concern when I do not participate in their sin?

The 9 Ways We Participate in Others Sins Wrote:By counsel
By command
By consent
By provocation
By praise or flattery
By concealment
By partaking
By silence
By defense of the ill done

Quote:Deal with it. I'll force feed this to u every damn time I see u. Ge chopin. The palistinan cause sure is popular amongt Catholics in the north nobdoubt but it's not universal the struggles r very different.
Well, I just temporarily unblocked you to post this (I can't quote when it is blocked). That is why I did not respond to the PM you sent me. You do the same things over and over and it is clear that your activity on this forum is based on antagonising others. I don't get it, so I will ignore it.

Quote:A simple minded person like u clearly r may see them as the same. But they r not. And I do see this throgh people but that does negae it's also abot governments if it wasn't then what is blockading gaza? Sows isreal have a gov?  Anyway thanks for posting it was getting bored with u
Please be bored with me. Please do not find anything I write worth reading or worse, responding to.

I see that this is unproductive. I do not know why I don't learn.

I shouldn't have put honey out when I know flies were around. I don't care enough about this topic to endure you.
(03-26-2011, 08:50 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: Aren't most people who say Israel doesn't have a right to exist either Muslims or Muslim sympathizers?

Not at all. There are many anti-Zionists. For example,  I am anti-Zionist and anti-Mohammedanism.  I do not favour either the racist Zionists nor the Mohammedans.I think Israel should cease and desist her racist and Judaistical-supremacist policies and peaceable live along side Palestine. Israel has as much "right to exist" as Palestine does.  To say Israel has this right, but Palestine does not, is to essentially endorse the totalitarian axiom: "Might is right;" thus embracing totalitarianism as an acceptable part of one's ideology or views.
(03-26-2011, 09:17 PM)Virgil the Roman Wrote:
(03-26-2011, 08:50 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: Aren't most people who say Israel doesn't have a right to exist either Muslims or Muslim sympathizers?
Not at all. I am anti-Zionist and anti-Mohammedanism.  I think Israel should cease and desist her racist and Judaistical-supremacist policies and peaceable live along side Palestine. Israel has as much "right to exist" as Palestine does.  To say Israel has this right, but Palestine is to essentially endorse the totalitarian axiom: "Might is right."
You can take it from here...

Good luck.

Danke, Rosarium. I'll try my best.
Rosie u are a hypocrate and i don't need to pretend it I'm only using your logic which is this turned n u
dk lives in the country of his birth which has a queen
dk is an anechist
therefore dk is a hypocrate for bowing to  a queen.

Ok here it is
rosarium claims to be an anarchist
rosarium lives in the country  of  his  birth. A country that has a Zionist goverment and a Masonic goverment
rosarium Is a hypocrate foe bowing  down to zionista and masons

In other words what's good for the goose is good for the gander
Man it's been dull with u gone Rosie

(03-26-2011, 09:28 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Rosie u are a hypocrate and i don't need to pretend it I'm only using your logic which is this turned n u
dk lives in the country of his birth which has a queen
dk is an anechist
therefore dk is a hypocrate for bowing to  a queen.
The derision of your "anarchism" is from your mockery of others, while displaying lack of activity to give a basis for your accusations.

I don't really think you accept her, or much of the government, as it is now at all.

Quote:Man it's been dull with u gone Rosie

It is dull again. This was a bad idea.

I tried to edit the script to make it shorter, but it broke (forgot my initial design was done that way for a reason...) and I saw this while testing it.

Anyway, it is back to how it was after I submit.

Sorry for causing this to start up again.
Bukyuku said moat people and if u ads up alllll the anti zionista put there and compare that number ro mohaamadans he is correct mohamadans csr outstrip non mohamadan anti zionists. The math wpuld be simple
also the anti zionists in isreal like the hasid thogh anti zionists still reap rhe benifits ornthe isreali state as thy live there. Having known hasids and they were ant zionists they wouldn't argue to feed isreal or their Jewish brothers ro the mohamadan dogs. So they wouldn't really firths abolish isreal crowd
Don't be sorry Rosie it made me day
missed u
This is from Father Fahey's book The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of THE Jewish Nation..................... Only an outline of the conquest of Palestine can be given in the space at my disposal. For full information readers are recommended to consult the works to which I refer. Plans for the conquest and for further developments were drawn up long in advance. Weigh well the statements made in the following quotations: “Let me tell you,” said Max Nordau at the sixth Zionist Congress in 1903, “as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward:—Herzl, the Zionist Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future world war, the peace conference where, with the help of England, a free and Jewish Palestine will be created."19 “The Balfour Declaration,” wrote Louis Marshall, a leading American Zionist, “with its acceptance by the Powers, is an act of the highest diplomacy. It means both more and less than appears on the surface. Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan: it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon. All the pretexts they (the opponents of the National Home project) may make would be futile. It would subject them individually to hateful and concrete examples of a most impressive nature."20

Sir Alfred Mond, first Lord Melchett, was the founder of Imperial Chemicals, the chemical cartel. “He was also instrumental in founding the Extended Jewish Agency, of which Mr. Felix Warburg, of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., became the non-Zionist head. The present Lord Melchett, managing director of I.C.I., is, or was till recently, Chairman of the British Section of the Jewish Agency . . .We recall that the selection of working-class ‘colonists,’ from whose ranks the terrorists in Palestine come, was left entirely in the hands of the Jewish Agency."21 In 1928, the first Lord Melchett said: “This movement (the Jewish National Home) is to me the most important, not merely for us, but for the whole world . . . Let me take you back to 1913. If I had stood here in 1913 and said to you ‘Come to a conference to discuss the reconstruction of a National Home in Palestine,’ you would have looked upon me as an idle dreamer: even if I had told you in 1913 that the Austrian Archduke would be killed and that out of all that followed would come the chance, the opportunity, the occasion for establishing a National Home for the Jews in Palestine. Has it ever occurred to you how remarkable it is that out of the welter of world blood there has arisen this opportunity? Do you really believe that this is an accident? Do you really in your hearts believe that we have been led back to Israel by nothing but a fluke?"22

“Of the labyrinth of Jewish organisations,” writes Ladislas Fargo from the Jewish side, “the Jewish Agency was the one whose aims and significance I understood most clearly . . ; . . The Jewish Agency was already provided for in the Mandate Treaty: it was to stand at the side of the Government and advise upon all questions touching upon the Jewish National Home. Therefore it soon became the Alpha and the Omega of the Jews in Palestine . . . For Jewish immigration the Jewish Agency has a still more special significance: it suggests the number of immigration certificates each year (usually too many in the opinion of the government), and receives them (usually less than the number demanded) for distribution. The Jewish Agency has developed into a kind of Jewish Government.” 23 The Jewish Agency seems to have been able to get in Jewish immigrants in spite of the government, for “in January, 1946, Mr. Lehman recalled General Sir Frederick Morgan, the chief British UNRRA official in Germany, and reprimanded him for having openly stated his belief that European Jews had a positive plan for a second exodus, and that there was an unknown Jewish organisation behind it."24 General Morgan was vindicated in the official report of the British Government on Expenditure in Austria.25 In that document we read: “Very large numbers of Jews, almost amounting to a second Exodus, have been migrating from Eastern Europe to the American zones in Germany and Austria, with the intention in the majority of cases, of finally making their way to Palestine. It is clear that it is a highly organised movement, with ample funds and great influence behind it, but the Sub-Committee were unable to obtain any evidence who are the real instigators.”

“The publication of the British Government’s White Paper on Palestinian terrorism,” writes B. Jensen, “conclusively proved that there was a central direction of all Jewish military organisations in Palestine, and that several campaigns of terrorism had been launched at the word of command of the London section of the Jewish Agency. Mr. Attlee confirmed the revelations (for the utterance of which General Morgan had been dismissed) concerning the Zionist direction of the Jewish trek from Eastern Europe to Palestine.” 26 As a matter of fact, in the News Review, London, August 22, 1946, the Rt. Hon. C. Attlee was reported as saying: “Identity and ration cards and travel documents are forged on a large scale. Food, clothing, medical supplies and transport provided by UNRRA for the relief of suffering in Europe are diverted for the maintenance of the underground railway to Palestine. There is evidence that the terrorist elements among the Jews have been reinforced from the ranks of illegal immigrants."27

In an article in The Daily Telegraph, 5th Feb., 1947, on The Underground Route to Palestine via Italy, that paper’s special correspondent, Leonard Bertin, wrote: “UNRRA in Italy exists to assist emigration Jews to the best of its ability, and that help is unconditional . . . There are also camps administered by the American joint distribution Committee co-ordinating the work of all American Jewish relief organisations, and collaborating with . . . UNRRA. This second group of camps, known as Hachsharot . . . are training camps, and are entirely under Jewish supervision, but benefit from UNRRA supplies . . . Hachsharot are carefully classified according to their objects and the persons in them. There are the Machlehot, or political centres. Of these some are reserved for the Somer, or Jewish Communist Party. Many of the men and women in these have come from the Russian Zone, and some of them say that they have served in the Russian Army after Poland was overrun at the beginning of the war. Many of them declare that they were very content under the Russian rule, but preferred to go to Palestine . . .Opposite numbers to the Somer party are the Betar, totalitarian in outlook, very belligerent and nationalistic. They, in particular, engage in extensive militaristic training . . .In Hachsharot there is violent anti-British propaganda. Obviously, whatever else these camps may be used for, they form an admirable base and sanctuary for the rank and file of any terrorist movement. The organisers, however, find it convenient to live in more luxurious surroundings . . . There are to be found men who operate under six different names, fully supported by different sets of documents, with four more names in reserve.”28

In view of all these facts concerning UNRRA, it is amusing to read in Hansard, May, 1947, the replies given by Dr. Dalton, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, to Sir W. Smithers who asked what was the total cost of UNRRA to the British tax-payers. Dr. Dalton said: “£155 million.” Sir W. Smithers then continued: “Will the Chancellor of the Exchequer set up an inquiry to find out if the money given by the British tax-payers was used for the purpose for which it was intended? Was it used for Communist propaganda and how much of it was used for victualling illegal ships to Palestine?” Dr. Dalton: “I cannot imagine where the Hon. Gentleman has got these fantastic ideas. So fantastic are they that I do not propose to inquire into them.”29

“Readers of the Intelligence Summary and the booklet Know Your Enemy,” writes Robert H. Williams, “doubtless will recall that, just after the war, General Mark Clark was moved from Italy to command the U.S. Occupation Zone in Austria, and immediately there came a great flood of Jews from Marxist indoctrinated Eastern Europe, pouring through the Clark Command into our Displaced Persons camps, throwing themselves on the American government and taxpayer. The Jews were running from no danger; the Nazis were crushed; they were protected by the (Jewish-dominated) Red Army east of the iron curtain and by the (Jewish-commanded) U.S. Army in Austria . . . You doubtless will recall that the Zionists had British General Morgan removed from his position, when he had the courage to state publicly that the migration was part of a secret Jewish plot. The Zionist financiers and chemist Weizmann were using their own people to build the State of Israel and thus hold for them not only an important political and military beachhead, but also the mineral deposits of the Dead Sea (valued in some encyclopedias at three trillion dollars). The Jewish nationalists who principally dominated the Soviet Union did not object, for otherwise they would not have let their people leave the Red State. You have never known the Soviets to let a Gentile leave the USSR, except on some special mission. The Reds do not allow their enemies to escape from the Soviet Union; they kill or enslave them . . . And so General Clark rendered a great service to the Marxist world power cult in letting—and aiding—the Jews to come into the U.S. camps. At the same time, General Clark turned back to certain death or slave labour camps, the untold thousands of Gentiles—Christian men, women and children-running for their lives from the Red secret police.”30

The final stage of the conquest may be summed up in a few lines from The Iron Curtain over America, by John Beaty. “In I948,” writes Mr. Beaty, “strong with Soviet armour and basking in the sunshine of Soviet sympathy, ‘Israeli’ troops, mostly born in Soviet-held lands, killed many Arabs and drove out some 880,000 others, Christian and Moslem. These wretched refugees apparently will long be a chief problem of the Arab League nations of the Middle East . . . After the ‘Israeli’ seizure of the Arab lands in Palestine, there followed a long series of outrages including the bombings of the British Officers’ Club in Jerusalem, the Acre Prison, the Arab Higher Command Headquarters in Jaffa, the Semiramis Hotel, ete . . . The climax of the brutality in ‘Israel’ was the murder of Count Bernadotte of Sweden, the United Nations Mediator in Palestine (Sept. 17, 1948)."31 The method of dealing with the Arabs had been arranged months before it took place. As long ago as February, 1948, an official of the Jewish Agency informed a British friend of his that the Jews could easily deal with the Arabs. They would begin with two or three massacres, he explained, and Arab resistance would collapse. ‘Moreover,’ he added, ‘when we massacre, we shall not only kill the men. We shall massacre the women and children, and even the cows, sheep and dogs.’”32

Through Count Bernadotte was a distinguished Freemason and belonged to the Swedish Royal Family, he was assassinated without the least compunction, after he had assigned the Negev to the Arabs. “The Zionists were determined to keep the Negev,” writes Douglas Reed, “for to give that up ‘would deprive Israel of the waters and minerals of the Dead Sea’ (The American Zionist Emergency Council, in a full-page advertisement a few days after Count Bernadotte’s murder.)”33

There is oil also in the Negev. “In August, 1951,” writes Arnold Leese, “an American firm of petroleum geologists reported in the New York Herald Tribune, after completing its survey in Israel, that Israel may become a major oil-producing power, and that the Negev is one of the most promising areas.34

The same writer had already pointed out in December, 1948, that oil had been discovered in Palestine as far back as July, 1934, but that the High Commissioner had come down the following day with a retinue of experts and the well had been filled up. A decent interval was allowed to elapse between the murder of Count Bernadotte and the “rediscovery” of oil.35

“The lot of the Arab refugees,” writes Douglas Reed, “is more candidly, though pitilessly, presented in the Zionist press than in the great mass-circulation journals: ‘There is not a single Arab left in the whole of northern Palestine . . . More than one-third of all Palestine Arabs have left or lost their homes, and there is little doubt that most of them have lost their dwellings for good . . . The International Refugee organisation, which is mainly supported by the United States and Britain, announces that the Palestinian Arabs are not eligible for its assistance. The organisation has allocated £1,500,000 for the Jewish Agency’s resettlement programme.’ The point of the jest came on December 19th 1948, while the Arabs were being driven destitute from their native land. The Times then reported that: ‘The United Nations General Assembly tonight unanimously decided upon a draft convention on genocide, which is now declared a crime in International law. Genocide is defined as acts intended to destroy in whole or in part national, ethnical, racial or religious groups; and rulers, officials or individuals are made punishable by state or international penal tribunals not only for the crime but for the conspiracy, incitement or attempt to commit it . . . Hypocrisy on this scale assumes a grandeur of its own, beyond criticism. The Assembly which drafted the convention was the same which at the same moment genocided a completely inoffensive (though weak) national, ethnical, racial and religious group. Every member of the unanimous Assembly was indictable under every count . . . The word ‘genocide’was first invented for the Nuremberg trial and applied especially to the case of the Jews. The draft convention, if that origin and the genocidal act in Palestine are borne in mind, appears to mean only that any opposition to Zionism is to be declared genocide, while anything done by Zionism is exempt.”36

His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, made a moving appeal for the return of these poor refugees in his Encyclical Letter of Good Friday, 15th April, 1949, On the Holy Places in Palestine: “Although fighting has ceased, none the less we are still far from the restoration of calm and order in Palestine. Complaints are still reaching Us from those who rightly and justly grieve over the desecration of churches and images, and homes of beneficence and charity, or the destruction of the houses of cloistered communities. Very many fugitives of all ages and every state of life, driven abroad by the disastrous war, cry pitifully to Us. They live in exile, under guard and exposed to infection and all manner of dangers . . . We most earnestly implore those to whom it belongs to do justice to all who have been driven far away from their homes by the tempest of war and who long above all to live in quiet once more.”37

In this Encylical Letter and in that of October 24, 1948, the Holy Father also pleaded for the internationalisation of Jerusalem. In spite of that, Israel, according to The Tablet (Brooklyn), August 9, 1952, has already moved all government offices from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with the exception of the Foreign Office, and it is now preparing to move that also. That shows Israel’s contempt for the Holy Father’s plea and the conviction that whatever it does will not be seriously questioned by the United Nations Organisation.


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