Does Israel have the "right" to exist?
(03-27-2011, 01:17 AM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: I don't really understand why one poster is such a big deal for you. The board is so huge.
It is not as big as it seems. It is dominated by a relatively few people at any given time.

For those wondering why I am still posting, it is a childish effort to continue to use the forum until my post count appeals to me in some way.

It just happened to come to my mind, but having all those numbers in a row seemed ordered.

I looked at the stats, and that is indeed the case. However, I'll just say because he's #3.
Quote:Let's say for sake of argument that I believe a Catholic is obliged to attend the NO if one is available but no TLM is present. (Maybe I do or do not actually believe this) well if I did believe this my blood would be boiling on FE and no mistake. And I could take personal offensive and attack whenever the subject is brought up. Or....... I could ignore it and post one other topics.
True, but that is not what is happening here.
(03-26-2011, 09:40 PM)Rosarium Wrote: Here is a funny fact...there are more Christian Arabs than there are Jews in the world.

Christian Arabs live mixed (as a minority) with other Arabs.

You mean...Christian Arabs live mixed (as a minority) with a very large Moslem Arab majority.  That's a pretty stupid thing to do.
(03-26-2011, 11:20 PM)Rosarium Wrote:
Quote:Another fact Rosie fails to tell is Christians in mohamadan lands or Tonia ehis words spoken as a true Dhimi he  he is "minority" suffer a hard bondage. In every mohamadan state even rhe most secular kind ala Egypt or turkey Christians r second class people tonbw kind and treated hard with less rights ten mohamadans. In non secular mohamadan states it's even  worse. But a Good dhimi such as he will laud this
Not on the least

I did not "fail" to tell it...

So, your solution is to kill all the Arabs living in the borders claimed by Zionists? How does that help?

I am not sure what your point is but to antagonise me. It is working.

But since you wrote those things, perhaps you could learn something about being Christian,. It does not matter what others do. We must perservere. We will live in prosperity, persecution, poverty and riches at times. That is less important than what is in our hearts.


1  Ain't nobody here advocated "to kill all the Arabs living in the borders" of Israel.  If you would check yer'd see that Arabs already live within the borders of Israel, excluding the Palestinian Territories.

2  Practice what you preach.  Try setting an example "about being Christian" before you go telling other folks how to.
(03-26-2011, 07:55 PM)Rosarium Wrote: Someday, a government may decide your home is better off with someone else, then you are and your kids will be forcibly removed, any males possibly killed, and maybe, if it is a busy day, they'll just kill you all en masse.

It is not your land. It is the government's, remember. It can do what it wills with it. You have no right to complain.

This is not about borders, but people. They can make the borders perfect geometric shapes and name them after cartoon characters, but the people remain. or in some cases, do not remain. That is the problem.

Jews who wanted to live in Palestine could have.

I think the world should have an agreement with Israel...we support their "right to exist" as a Jewish nation, if they support the notion that is the only place Jews can live. That is obviously absurd, but so is their basis for the government they have. It was established because people, Jewish and not, thought that an ethnic group, with established communities all over the world, has the superior right to live on a certain bit of land, to the detriment of the people already living there.

It is anti-Christ to the fullest.

I have a feeling that God will come down and see people calling themselves Israeli and he'll say "who are you?".

Israel is not just a word, it has a meaning "persevere with God", and was a name given to Jacob after he proved himself. It was used (and preserved linguistically) in scriptures across translation. It does not refer to a political entity, but something established by God.

John 4:21 Wrote:Jesus saith to her: Woman, believe me, that the hour cometh, when you shall neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, adore the Father.
To God, that land no longer is significant as it once was. Instead of land promised to a people, it is blood shed for many. Now, the fulfillment of scripture has been done, Israel is not land, but the Church.

A Very Large Bible Verse Wrote:An absurdly-sized Bible verse.

Jews (Westerners) in the Middle the Holy Land, even...are not the problem.  The surrounding Moslems are the problem.  They make themselves the problem.  They are full of envy and hatred for what Israel has achieved...has earned...deserves.

And despite your affected indignation on the behalf of the know they have chosen the path of war and mayhem and terror.  You like to throw around the fact that there are Christian Arabs...well...perhaps you'll be interested to know that there are more Christians living in Israel than in the Palestinian Territories.

I really look forward to the day that the Jews convert.  On that day...heaven is gonna party hard...and welcome the prodigal sons home with open arms and tears of joy.  I see absolutely no reason to demonize and shun them until that moment in fact...I believe that our influence and example is what they need.  Too bad yer so dead set against aiding that effort.
The closer to Christ one becomes, the more tolerant one has to be of those farther away whether it is farther away in mortal sin or just being rude or making dumb jokes.

That doesn't mean drink with them or hang out with them.  It does mean, however, not to be offended by them.  The Saints saved souls other than their own; if they could only be around those as holy or courteous as themselves, they would have gotten nowhere.  Part of holiness is suffering by living in the midst of sin so that one can be the light that shines forth.

"Love thy enemy" are hard words, but we are to see Christ in everyone, even in those who are like nails on a chalkboard.  When we walk away from someone who discomforts us and we should see Christ in, we are walking away from virtue and Christ Himself.  Christ is offensive.  He is offensive to our worldly desires and sensibilities; He discomforts us.  In this way, even those who repulse us the most are to be seen and loved as Christ.

If one is disquieted by those around him, he will not progress further in holiness no matter what else he does.  There will always be a distraction and a problem until he is left alone with only Temptation to keep him company, and then he will fall hard.

As I've said before, those higher up on the spiritual scale need to pull us up, and those of us on the bottom will push up.  If one doesn't understand how this works, he doesn't understand the basics of the faith, namely the Communion of Saints which is the Platonic Ideal of the Church as a perfect society.  The Church Militant pushes up the Church Suffering with prayers and Masses, the Church Suffering pulls on the Church Militant, and the Church Triumphant pulls both up.  When one progresses from the Church Suffering, then they pull others up too.

Hell is the opposite.  It is the Plantonic ideal of an imperfect society.  It is people kicking others away from them so they can keep the coolest spot to themselves.  It's grinding others into the ground to stand on their backs out of the muck and mire.  It is cowardice and running from discomfort and affliction even if it means not helping someone else.

If anyone feels wallowing in the mud with those less perfect than them, including the rude, crude, and outright bellicose weighs them down from spiritual perfection, then their gears are in reverse.  The holier one is, the deeper in the muck and mire they dive, willingly, so that they can pull others up; by example if no other means are possible.

Rosarium, as I told you before, if you leave the forum, it's up to you.  But if you think it's something to help you in spiritual progress, I think you're wrong.  This type of discomfort is settled within ourselves by growing in the proper virtues, not by removing the discomfort from our lives.  We don't get to pick our discomforts, Christ picks them for us and we're supposed to suffer them for love of Him.

Also, if you're going to leave, leave.  Stop posting nasty comments about the forum and how I run it.  If you don't stop, I'll show you the door myself.

Thus ends my spiritual direction for today.  Thus ends this thread.

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