Forum-wide Rosary 6PM PDT for Laura and her family in chat tonight
I think it would be nice if we said a FE Rosary - all 15 decades - for Laura, her family, and her brother in effect if not biologically, More Coffee, in chat tonight.   Let's try 6PM PDT - please show up a few minutes early.  If you can't be in chat, you can obviously still say the Rosary with us.   I'll make a prayer thread for the Rosary, and if you want, just acknowledge in the thread that you are praying with us.  Not necessary for efficacy of prayers, of course, but we do this so people know others are praying for them.

To get into chat, just click CHAT ROOM in the forum menu.  Use your forum name (at least for tonight), and type "fish" (no quotes) for the password.  If you can't get in, post to Pig Roast, and I or maybe some Welcome Wagon people will help monitor to get you in.  When you get there, you will see an "FE Rosary" room.  Enter that, and that's where I will be.

Chat can be a pain, sometimes the Java doesn't work right.  Also, I'm not sure on the limit of people in there.   So if you can't get in, no worries.

Deo volente, this will provide Laura, More Coffee, and her family some consolation from Christ if not actual physical healing.  And to be blunt, if by God's will she passes before we start, we will still say the Rosary for the repose of her soul and the comfort of her loved ones. 

Please spread the word to other FE's you know who may not be checking the forum today; this is short notice, so I'll need help in that regard.

If you aren't familiar with what is going on, a well-liked forum member who recently re-converted to the faith is in critical condition in the hospital.

You can read through this thread for more details.

Edit; fix timezone in title.
Great idea! I was never able to access the chat room, but I'll pray a rosary tonight at 6PM.
(03-26-2011, 03:24 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: Great idea! I was never able to access the chat room, but I'll pray a rosary tonight at 6PM.

6PM pacific daylight savings time, to be clear.  That would be 7 Mountain, 8 Central, and 9 Eastern.  The rest people will have to figure out; I can barely read a clock.

It doesn't matter, obviously, since God is outside of time - our intentions will be joined.  But I want to be clear for those who want to say it at the same time.
Quis thank you so, so much, man. If I'm at the hospital at 9 our time I'm joining you guys and I'm getting people there to join me too. We'll make sure we're praying with her while you guys here are.
Okay, that's 9PM my time. Perfect, as that's when our local radio airs the rosary. I'll check in for threads too.
Good idea.  I'll join in too.
Ack I got the timezone wrong in the title.  For some reason, I was mentally in Chicago.

It's 6PM Pacific time; the original title had CDT.  Sorry for the confusion.
2:00 PM - Auckland
12:00 PM - Sydney
10:00 AM - Tokyo
9:00 AM - Beijing; Perth
6:30 AM - New Delhi
4:00 AM - Moscow
3:00 AM  - Istanbul
2:00 AM  - Madrid; Paris; Berlin; Rome
1:00 AM - London; Lisbon
10:00 PM - Buenos Aires
9:00 PM -  EST (New York; Québec)
8:00 PM - CST (Chicago; Austin)
7:00 PM - MDT (Salt Lake City; Edmonton)
6:00 PM - PST (Los Angeles; Vancouver); Phoenix, AZ
5:00 PM - Anchorage
3:00 PM - Honolulu


edited several times to add cities, fix the time for Buenos Aires, and rearrange Anchorage and Honolulu
Thanks, m.PR!
That is right at our normal family rosary time, so the Hot Rod clan is in. The kids may not make it through more than the usual 5, but the Mrs. and I will pray a full rosary for you.

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