(03-27-2011, 05:43 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: If you go to a traditional Easter Vigil, it counts for Easter Sunday by all criteria.  But it has to be the Vigil Mass.

Quis, thanks for the CE article. It does make sense that there would (should) be no liturgy on Holy Saturday when the Bridegroom was taken from us., just as on Good Friday.  As the article mentions, the Easter Vigil had been on Holy Saturday night, and some other sources I’ve read mention it lasting all night, until sunrise on Easter day.  Across the centuries the Holy Saturday service started moving backwards until it arrived at Saturday morning.  I can understand some pragmatic reasons for this, but liturgically it never made sense to me (but I’m no scholar of the liturgy).  Pope Pius XII restored it to a night service in 1951.

I was in parochial school choir from about 1962 or so until 1965 and except for some years when I was an altar server on Holy Saturday, I would be with the choir which always sang Holy Saturday (the adult choir, after having sung Holy Thursday and Good Friday, took the night off before singing the High Mass on Easter Sunday).

Back then, as I recall, the Holy Saturday service was ideally after sunset but always concluded before midnight in our parish, and DID NOT “count” for Easter, one always also went to Mass on Easter Sunday.  Some parishes may have followed a practice that Eastern Churches have today, of beginning the Easter Vigil at 11:00 PM, with the Divine Liturgy beginning after midnight, and having the same “effect” on the obligation as Midnight Mass at Christmas.

While I don’t know, I would assume that those assisting at a 1962 or earlier missal observance of the Easter Vigil would still be obligated to also attend Mass on Easter Sunday, unless their chapel scheduled the Holy Saturday service such that the Mass of the Faithful begins after midnight.  A good question for the priest.

With the 1969 missal of Paul VI Vigil Masses are permitted to fulfill the Sunday obligation, including for Easter.  In my current parish Holy Saturday is FULL, and in my former parish, where the church could seat almost 1,000, it is beyond SRO , and all the Easter Sunday masses are SRO, so a pragmatic argument could also be given here, just as when the vigil moved from Saturday night to Saturday morning by the 12th century.

Right, Moneil, the best thing to do is always to ask a priest.  The times I've gone to Easter Vigil, though, it has always counted.

If anyone has an opportunity to go to a traditional Easter Vigil, even if they have to go to Easter Mass in the morning, I highly recommend it.  It is one of the most breathtaking services and liturgies in the Church.

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