This Fr. Z post made my "fraud radar" go off Fr. Z manipulates the Pope
(03-29-2011, 08:35 AM)Gerard Wrote:
(03-29-2011, 01:50 AM)SaintRafael Wrote: Fr. Z was only reacting and summarizing very briefly the news the broke out on the Rorate Caeli blog.

It was Rorate Caeli who had the big news and article about Cardinal Levada and Canizares undermining the instruction. There is a thread on FE about it:

But why the unwillingness to address Fr. Corapi's very public situation directly without naming him and name the names of Cardinals in a series of rumors?  Taking it on face value, it's at the very least detraction against the Cardinals. 

Fr. Z claims to have the information from a French site and an Italian site.

My point is, that the whole thing sounds like a trial balloon and an effort to play on the emotions of "trads." 

Fr. Z is the "hero" who drops the hint to the Pope to thwart the plans of the rascally Cardinals.  But these Cardinals are the hand-picked associates of the Holy Father whom Fr. Z trumpeted as people he knows how to work with. 
It doesn't make sense. 

Take it for what it's worth.  This is what I heard and I believe it's true.  Seriously, Lavender Levada?

++Levada was promoted out of the way.  Most of the work is done by the Holy Father himself who works long days like an Enlightenment despot.

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