This Fr. Z post made my "fraud radar" go off Fr. Z manipulates the Pope
(03-29-2011, 12:53 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: I guess after forty years of crying out in the wilderness while the church tried to ignore them, they're realizing the "problem" isn't going away.

Can you at least appreciate that we're in a strangely dissonant position of having to believe in the Church while assuming that Churchmen are acting in bad faith?

Yep.  I think we're in a very precarious situation.  We have the potential of being coerced into accepting Vatican II in a bad way for the Church and setting the stage for a further dismantlement. 

I remember a few months ago Bishop Fellay did an interview for the Remnant where he was pointing out that the Pope was stymied about saying the truth about trads but was acting in a way that was beneficial to trads. 

Bishop Fellay seems to view that as a political reality that he's willing to accept, but I view it as a lack of integrity.  When your words say one thing and your actions another, I don't trust the person even if the actions are in my favor. 

And it seems with the recent Assissi issue and the beatification and the book mucking up the evangelization of jews, it shows the Pope is not integrated in his actions and words.  And that is trouble for us because he seems to be operation on foundational principles that are relativistic and not based on absolute truth.

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