This Fr. Z post made my "fraud radar" go off Fr. Z manipulates the Pope
(03-29-2011, 03:18 PM)JoniCath Wrote: Of course he was. He didn't even ALLOW the TLM. to be prayed in his archdiocese under the Indult of JPII. When he was "called" to the Vatican, I remember thinking, "Keep your friends close & your enemies even closer". It's amazing to me that people who dream up very detailed conspiracy theories didn't pick up on that.

Here's the difference, You seem to think that Levada is an enemy of the Pope,  I think Levada is an enemy of the Papacy but not the Pope himself.  And I think the Pope does not consider Levada a personal enemy. 

Quote: It reminds me of those who kept asking why Cardinal Law was "called to Rome". Did no one realize that his life wasn't worth a plug nickel in the states & that the Cardinal was receiving some serious death threats.

So, the reason Rome gave for moving him, allowing him to keep his congregational appointments and put him in charge of  a Basilica was because he was threatened?  C'mon. 

Quote: As for Father Corapi, I don't think that the temporary suspension of a Televangelist is of the same import as tampering with a Papal document.   

So why was Fr. Z more prudent and hush hush about how he dealt with Fr. Corapi's public situation and Fr. Corapi's public statement? And if rumors about tampering with a Papal document are so much more important why engage in gossip and name the Cardinals? 


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