This Fr. Z post made my "fraud radar" go off Fr. Z manipulates the Pope
(03-29-2011, 12:42 AM)Gerard Wrote: 5) I've reproduced the whole entry and interestingly look at the comments in particular of "Centristian" who is rather savagely attacked for either questioning the veracity of the rumors and disagreeing with the necessity of the rumored document.   I'm copying the first of his comments with Fr. Z's editorializing and frankly browbeating for study and posterity.

Ok, this jumped at me. I really dislike Fr. Z's habit of dissing people in red, inside their own comments; I think it's the height of rudeness. BUT, this "Centristian" poster is completely unbearable. He prefers the NO to the TLM, but does not say it outright, instead choosing to cloak this message in knowledgeable-seeming posts. The most clear statement I've seen from him went something like this: "I am all for celebrating the Traditional Mass... I only wish the Paul VI Mass were the 'traditional' Mass." It is outrageous. I'll bet Father Z doesn't like him much either.

I did read the post in question, and found nothing questionable about it. Father Z named the cardinals everyone else had been naming. I think the post is made in response to the people who think that there was never any threat to the TLM in the revised Instruction. I do believe there was a real threat, and completely understand the frustration with people who insist on denying it.

If Father Z is so hyper-connected to the Vatican, then he knows whether the rumors were true; and if he knew they were false, why would he have asked for prayers for the pope? And why would he keep on making pro-Summorum Pontificum posts? I don't understand this particular conspiracy theory.

Regarding Fr. Corapi, it should be obvious why Father Z won't mention him by name: the accusations against him concern his private life, and in polite company you only discuss such things by indirection. The rumors on the cardinals, however, do not concern their private lives, but rather their professional lives, if you will.

(03-29-2011, 12:30 PM)Gerard Wrote: But I think it's more likely that Fr. Z, Levada and the Holy Father are providing form of media relations, and theater in order to manipulate trads and gain more confidence about their plans for the Church than trads would normally be wiling to give. JPII was the liberal Pope that convinced the conservatives that he was conservative,  B16 is the liberal Pope trying to convince trads that he's a trad at heart.  Both of them did it by allowing crazy liberal actions, talking conservative  talk and doing nothing to actually reverse the trends in the Church.

Ah, there it is.

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