This Fr. Z post made my "fraud radar" go off Fr. Z manipulates the Pope
(03-29-2011, 07:30 PM)m.PR Wrote: BUT, this "Centristian" poster is completely unbearable. He prefers the NO to the TLM, but does not say it outright, instead choosing to cloak this message in knowledgeable-seeming posts. The most clear statement I've seen from him went something like this: "I am all for celebrating the Traditional Mass... I only wish the Paul VI Mass were the 'traditional' Mass." It is outrageous. I'll bet Father Z doesn't like him much either.

"Centristian" undermined the very position Fr. Z takes and in so doing aligned himself as being more attuned to the Holy Father's liturgical preferences.  And he was ultimately correct, but Fr. Z would lose a lot of trads if he made it known that the TLM replacing the Novus Ordo is going to be met with resistance by the same people allowing the use of the TLM.  (not that they'll be able to stop it. )

Quote:  I did read the post in question, and found nothing questionable about it. Father Z named the cardinals everyone else had been naming. I think the post is made in response to the people who think that there was never any threat to the TLM in the revised Instruction. I do believe there was a real threat, and completely understand the frustration with people who insist on denying it.

He pointed out correctly that most people in most parishes don't even know about Summorum Pontificum.  That makes the efforts of the clarification letter a bit futile or a tempest in a teapot in the larger context of the Church.  Fr. Z is leading trads to believe "this is it." in order to draw him into their confidence and distract from the Holy Father's liberal tendencies and outreaches.

Quote: If Father Z is so hyper-connected to the Vatican, then he knows whether the rumors were true; and if he knew they were false, why would he have asked for prayers for the pope? And why would he keep on making pro-Summorum Pontificum posts? I don't understand this particular conspiracy theory.

On it's face, Fr. Z is claiming that he knows how to play the Pope against the Cardinals.  Without him, essentially the Pope would be drooling while he attached his signature Paul VI-style to whatever the moderni day Bugnini wanna bes would place before him.  I don't buy it. I don't believe you have Fr. Z and his connections on one side and the liberal Cardinals on the other wrestling over the Pope.  I think they are all of the same mind and all interested in using public relations techniques instead of "Catholicism."  Centristian was undermining the factionalism that Fr. Z is proclaiming and essentially blowing the charade from the liberal end of it. 

Quote: Regarding Fr. Corapi, it should be obvious why Father Z won't mention him by name: the accusations against him concern his private life, and in polite company you only discuss such things by indirection.
The rumors on the cardinals, however, do not concern their private lives, but rather their professional lives, if you will.

You can't be serious. Fr. Corapi has public charges against him.  He's made a public statement. It was on EWTN news as well as a host of other outlets. But Fr. Z won't mention him by name and conversely, there are rumors about ecclesiastical crimes and misdemeanors and you think repeating the gossip and naming the Cardinals is licit? Even if true, it's detraction. 


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