This Fr. Z post made my "fraud radar" go off Fr. Z manipulates the Pope
(03-29-2011, 10:47 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: I'm not convinced that Father Z is manipulating an existing finite group.  I've noticed that in addition to the neo-cons who like the Latin Mass who have been following him for a long time, that there are quite a few neo-Cons who weren't friendly to the Immemorial Rite of the Mass who'll now at least darken the door of an Indult.

Moreover, I don't think you know just what the Pope's relationship is like with +Levada.  I've heard it was strained.  I keep coming back to the idea that Father Malachi Martin had that the Cardinals surrounding the Pope despise him, and you can sense it in the tone they take with regard to certain initiatives he would launch, and so forth when JP II was still in charge.  Now the Cardinals seem much more submissive, almost like Corgis and their disagreement with the Pope's agenda seems a lot less overt and simpering.  Of coruse, we do have +Schoenborn.... .

HELP!!! Please explain what a Neo-Con is. I've been a Catholic for 69 years (since birth) & while I was "lost" when they took my Latin Mass away, somehow I endured during the 40 barren years (for me anyway), through God's grace ( until I finally got the TLM. back).  At my age I don't consider myself a "NEO" anything. :)
I'm sure not a "new Traditionalist", I would not take any of the "lay ministries" during the time when my only choice for Mass was the NO.  Sometimes when I found myself getting more than a little depressed or angry during the New Mass, I'd have to stay away from it for a while. There were/are no SSPX or Eastern Churches within 80 mis. (one way) of my home.......but when our new Bishop gave us the TLM. in my city.......I bolted & have never attended a NO. Mass since SP. was promulgated. So, surely I'm not a "neo-con" am I??

BTW. I do believe that the NO. is a valid Mass, I just don't think that it embraces the whole  of Catholicism.

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